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J Orphic - Destiny of the Past posted on 2011-10-10
Jacob Kirkegaard - The Sound of Silence posted on 2006-07-16
Jaga Jazzist - North is the place posted on 2003-08-10
Jahrtal - Of Mossy Banks & Lazy Afternoons posted on 2010-07-07
James Killick - Good Bye Sweet Solitude, Hello Vagary posted on 2012-05-29
James Killick - Sweet Solitude lable & Love Katy/ Small Hours project interview posted on 2011-07-04
James Plotkin - Forensics For Guitar posted on 2001-09-14
James Shearman - London Walling posted on 2020-10-15
Jana Winderen - All At Sea posted on 2010-12-01
Jane Child - Re-booting independently posted on 2002-03-11
Jean Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman - The Shiny happy people posted on 2006-10-04
Jeff Landgraf - The Oblive & Mass Graves Interview posted on 2011-05-09
Jelle Koning - The Chantal, Ikodora '65 & Muzikaal Kabaal interview posted on 2012-07-24
Jessica Cameron - A Sanity And Limb Ripping Exorcism posted on 2019-02-11
Jimmy McDonough - The Milligan Way posted on 2020-07-20
Jimmy Screamerclauz - Disturbing Behaviour posted on 2017-06-11
John Brien - Inside Important Records posted on 2007-12-12
John Brien - Ten Years Of Important Records posted on 2011-11-23
John Maus - I think We're Alone Now posted on 2006-05-19
John Wiese - Live report - 25 Feb 2015 - Live Report - John Wiese, Sebastian Lexer / Steve Noble Cafe Oto 25th Feb 2015 posted on 2015-03-19
Joli project & Lost Light label interview - Traumatic & deeply pained walled noise posted on 2019-12-17
Joseph Szymkowiak - On A Quest To Experiment posted on 2016-04-01
Jozef Van Wissem - The Joy That Never Ends posted on 2013-11-25
Julien Skrobek - Artful Static posted on 2014-07-22
Jussi Lehtisalo - Into The Belly Of The (Prepared) Beast posted on 2014-05-30
Justin Bennett - Between sound & music posted on 2008-11-08
Justin Kerswell - Mr Slasher-man posted on 2017-05-04
Jute Gyte - Genre Shifting Grimness posted on 2012-05-03
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