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Beyond The Door - Beyond The Door
Beyond The Door is a prime slice of demonic focused euro-schlock, think a crazed collusion between The Exorcist & Rosemary Baby, with a huge quota  WTH moments, camp-cheese bound acting and an often groovy-to-70 synth-based soundtrack. From Arrow Video here’s a double-disc Blu Ray release on the film- taking in a great new vibrate print, and some neat extras including a full-length doc on Italian demonic possession pics.
Melaine Dalibert - Piano Works
Piano Works sees the welcome return of French pianist/composer Melanie Dalibert- who over the last few years has put out a consistent flow of sparse, atmospheric & at times memorable piano based albums.  For this release, instead of playing his own compositions,  he’s tattling a select of compositions from Greek composer Anastassis Philippakopoulosa- and these perfectly fit Dalibert’s talent for playing pared-back, hauntingly slow, yet intriguing piano music- that slowly but surely gets under one's skin.
The Mad Magician - The Mad Magician(Blu Ray)

The Mad Magician was directed in 1954 by John Brahm, who would go on to direct episodes of both The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. This Vincent Price vehicle is really interesting as it was made in the aftermath of his huge hit The House of Wax and featured a  lot of the same crew, scriptwriter Crane Wilbur, producer Bryan Foy and cinematographer Bert Glennon all returned for this B picture that was also shot in 3D, as was the trend at the time.

Peter Straker - This One's On Me
Here we have a CD boxset that brings together the three late 70’s to early 80’s albums from Peter Straker- all three albums are passionate, creative, and often playful cross-breeds between Rock & Cabaret- making for three of the more distinctive & original rock albums to appear from the period.

Bit-Tuner - EXO
Open, flowing, and engaging, Bit-Tuner's EXO shows the artist expanding and growing into a vast, cinematic soundscapes. Working with filmmaker Joerg Hurschler, Bit-Tuner will bring animated footage to his 2020 live shows, and it all starts with the material here on EXO. Futuristic and still somehow somewhat retro, Bit-Tuner's latest is synthy sumptuousness at its finest.
Divus - Divus II
The 2nd LP by Italian space jazz duo Divus was just released this year on Boring Machines.  Their stripped down sound is a novel combination of baritone saxophone and delay laden analog synth progressions, with a feeling and production not unlike a vintage sci-fi soundtrack.  The group's minimalist, circular patterns transport the listener to the cold outer reaches.

Latest Reviews

Beyond The Door - Beyond The Door
Beyond The Door is a prime slice of demonic focused euro-schlock, think a crazed collusion between The Exorcist & Rosemary Baby, with a huge quota  ...
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