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mHz - Function
The common man would be hard pressed to see the beauty in math. Sure, it defines everything around him, even the things he feels are beautiful, but he would most likely overlook what is at the basis of everything. mHz (Mo H. Zareei) takes this to the extreme with his latest, Function. With all of his source material being generated through a custom-designed program, he takes math, shows the listener the beauty, and excitedly flaunts this by making it dance. Although still very invisible, the audio math on display has a texture and feel to it that tricks the mind's eye into giving it a visual component. Whether one sees robots in motion or just electrified waves, Function crosses over sensory barriers in the listener's mind.
Grave Robbers - Grave Robbers(Blu Rays)
Grave Robbers is a rip-roaring Mexican slasher from the late 1980ís Ė thatís stuffed full of limp lopping, and at times splatter bound gore. The film features a huge lumbering axe carrying supernatural killer, with a plot that sprinkles in creepy crypt stealing Ďní torture, satanic shenanigans, and punchy-to-machine gun tooting cop action. From Vinegar Syndrome- those resurrectors of lesser-seen genre fare- hereís a recent region free Blu Ray release of the film- bringing together the companies always classy new scan, a commentary track from slasher loving pod-cast The Hysteria Continues, and an interview with the director.
Ghost Hunting - Ghost Hunting(Blu Ray)
Ghost Hunting is a 2016 Palestinian film that blurs the lines between fact, re-creation, and fiction- itís part documentary, part troubling re-enactment, and part fly-on-the-wall making of. The film focuses in on a group of survivors from the notorious Al-Moscobya prison- Israel's main interrogation centre. Here from Second Run is a recent region free Blu Ray release of this highly distinctive & at times troubling film- with the disc featuring a HD presentation of the film, with new & improved sub-titles, director interview & twenty-page inlay booklet.
Grey Smoke - The Great City Is Dead Now
The Great City Is Dead Now severs up three slices of extremely dense, largely chugging-to-buzzing noise, with industrialized textured feel - all of which fits the release's title nicely. This CDR release is one of a recent batch of ten releases put out by the Harsh Noise London label Ė the disc is presented in a DVD case with warped & glitched out pictures/ images from London- this time itís the trusty black London cab.
PTRKLLR - Boreal
Appearing in April of this year Boreal is a two-track CDR from Seattle, Washington based PTRKLLR. And whatís on offer here is detailed & controlled textured/ambient noise making, with a decidedly cold Ďní crisp natural vibe.
Eve - Eve(Blu Ray)
Eve is an early 1960ís film that is decidedly difficult to peg- it's part romantic drama, part moody noir, part arty character study, and part dizzying travel-log. Itís most certainly a very distinctive-if-not always wholly successful film- which I feel will certainly appeal to those who enjoy moody & dramatic films of the 1960s. Here from Powerhouse is recent Blu Ray release of the film- and the company have really gone to town on this new edition- taking in multiple cuts of the film, and a good selection of extras.
Warning From Space - Warning From Space( Blu Ray)
Warning From Space was the first Japanese Sci-fi film to be made in colour- it charts the earth been visited by Star Fish-shaped aliens who take on human form, and the arrival of the looming & glowing red planet R- that's seemingly dooming mankind to be cooked alive. Here from Arrow video is a recent Blu Ray release of the film- taking in a new High Definition 1080 print, and a few extras.
Various Artists - Living On The Hill Ė A Danish Underground Trip 196
In recent years Esoteric Records, Cherry Red's more prog focused sub-label has put out some great reissue from the Danish underground rock scene of the late sixties-to- seventies. Like album reissues from the likes of  Burningí Red Ivanhoe, and more recently a double-disc reissue of the two albums from Day Of Phoenix- who blended euro Prog with US West Coast psychedelic rock. So itís great to see the label digging deeper into the Danish underground for this new three-disc/thirty-two track compilation- which sees known names sitting along with side lesser-known names for a nicely varied collection.
SAD - Misty Breath of Ancient Forests
Greek black metal band SAD were formed in 2005 in Athens, as the duo of Nadir( songwriting/ all instruments) and Ungod(vocals). The bands first release was the 2006 full-length album Total Nothingness. Throughout its history, the band has shown itself to be quite a productive project, releasing one demo, thirteen split albums, two EPs, two compilations and six full-length albums. In 2020, the German label Purity Through Fire released SAD's seventh full-length album Misty Breath of Ancient Forests. The album is available in CD, vinyl LP, and limited-edition A5 digipack formats.
Kadaver - The Man Who Didn't Want To Feel
The Man Who Didn't Want To Feel is a noise release thatís decidedly atmospheric, and at points downright creepy in its attack. The C20 moves between very dense noise-making, and more paired back fare- with Kadaver managing to skilful blend & blur several noise sub-genres in a most worthy & moody manner.
Clavius - After Dark
After Dark is an example of vast & slowly shifting dark ambience with decidedly industrial leanings- think Schloss Tegal, but with the more dark star bound vibe of Inade- and youíll get an idea of what we have on offer on this pro-CDR release.
Colossloth - Plague Alone
Cold Spring presents Plague Alone the new album (CD/Digital) by Colossloth. Based out of Leicester (UK), Wooly Woolaston has been crafting superlative dark electronic music since the mid-2000ís and his latest offering is no exception. One might get the impression from the title that this album was a response to the duress and isolation of the global pandemic, however rather prophetically, this was recorded well before our current predicament.Talk about an ominous sign of things to come.
Mats Eilertsen - Reveries and Revelations

Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Mats Eilertsen, member of countless ensembles over the past decades, has created a new record Reveries and Revelations which, though released under his own name, contains several collaborators from the rich Norwegian scene, such as labelmates Geir Sundstol and Arve Henriksen.

Best Before Death - Best Before Death(Blu Ray)
Best Before Death documents two years of Bill Drummondís 25 Paintings world tour, a venture that will see him spending two weeks in a different city in a different country every year, for 12 years, performing a set amount of tasks during each visit. If that sounds unusual, you might recognise the name Bill Drummond from a lengthy career of provocative acts, most notably the iconoclastic music of The KLF, and the K Foundationís burning of a million pounds. The documentary thus follows him around Kolkata, India, and Lexington in the United States as he knits, makes soup and beds, bakes cakes, shines shoes, shrinks jeans to his legs in rivers, and gets local musicians to cover one of his own songs, prefacing all these by first entering the city banging a drum, then getting a shave.
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mHz - Function
The common man would be hard pressed to see the beauty in math. Sure, it defines everything around him, even the things he feels are beautiful, but he would ...
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