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Sound & Vision 2018 [2018-12-21]

Another 12 months past, and another year is near over so it’s  best of the year lists for 2018. Below you’ll find lists of releases that made this year special for our writers. And in keeping with M[m] focus they span a large and varied selection of different musical & non-musical genres. On a few lists you’ll see the addition of a film list, and this is in-line with us featuring   more & more film reviews on the site

Roger Batty (Site owner & editor)
1:Mick Sussman - The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator: Selected [Sublunar]
2:Autechre - NTS Sessions 1-4 [Warp]
3:Hardy Fox - Hardy Fox [Klanggalerie]
4:Geisst - Electroplasmic Veiling [Fall Into Void Recs]
5:Rudolf - Om Kult: Ritual Practice of Conscious Dying Vol II [Om Kult/Schimpfluch Associates]
6:Anonymous Masturbaudioum - Recto-Verso [Required Rate Of Return]
7:Gryphon - Raindances- The Transatlantic Recordings 1973- 197 [Esoteric Records]
8:Jürg Frey & Magnus Granberg - Early To Late [Another Timbre]
9:Salt Lake Electric Ensemble - Phil Glass: Music With Changing Parts [Orange Mountain Music ]
10:Dosis Letalis - Confronting The Inhuman [Breaching Static]
11:Buck Young - Proud Trash Sound [No Rent Records]
12:Sultans Of Ping FC - Casual Sex In The Cineplex [Cherry Red Records]
13:Burial Ground - Critters [Serious Business]
14:John Cage - Two2 [Another Timbre]
15:Coil - Black Light District- A Thousand Lights In A Darken Room [Dais Records]
16:Condo Horro - Gutted [Ominous Recordings]
17:Johnny Greenwood - You Were Never Really Here(OST) [Lakeshore Records]
18:Ramsey Lewis - Funk Serenity/Golden Hits/ Solar Winds/ Sun Goddes [BGO Records]
19:Rien - The Soundboard Tape [SoundScape 713]
20:The Nolans - Chemistry: The Ultimate Collection [Hot Shot Records/Cherry Red ]
21:The Remote Viewers - Last Man In Europe [ReR Megacorp]
22:Un Drame Musical Instantané - À Travail Égal Salaire Égal [Klanggalerie]
23:Melaine Dalibert - Musique Pour Le Lever Du Jour [Elsewhere Music]
24:Charles Razeur - Sans Valeur [Altar Of Waste]
25:Anthrax - State Of Euphoria-30th Anniversary Edition [Island Records]
26:Andy Ortmann - Pataphysical Electronics [Nihilist]
27:Nightmare Park - Box Of Teeth [Inner Demon Records]
28:Vidna Obmana - The Trilogy [zoharum]
29:Cavurn - Rehearsal [Blood Harvest]
30:Big Hole - The Lime Twig [Ominous Recordings]


Film, etc
1: Threads(Blu Ray) [Severin Films]
2: Xtro(Blu Ray/CD) [Second Sight Films]
3:The Little Stranger( 20th Century Fox)
4:The Endless( DVD/ Blu Ray) [Arrow Video]
5:Orgies Of Edo( Blu Ray) [Arrow Video]
6:Night Of The Demon( Blu Ray) [Powerhouse Films]
7:God Knows Where I Am(DVD) [Juno Films]
8:Blood Theatre/The Visitants(Blu Ray/DVD) [Vinegar Syndrome]
9:Miss Leslie’s Dolls( DVD/Blu Ray) [Network]
10:Sinfonia Erotica(Blu Ray/ DVD) [Severin ]
11:Mad Foxes (DVD) [Full Moon Features]
12:Savage Weekend(DVD) [Artus films]
13:Terrifier(DVD) [Signature Entertainment ]
14:The Soultangler(DVD) [AGFA/Bleeding Skull]
15:The Song of Solomon( Blu Ray/ DVD) [Unearthed Movies/ MVD Visual]
16:Bizarre(DVD) [Chezzy Films]
17:My Friend Dahmer(Blu Ray) [Filmrise]
18:Scalpel(Blu Ray) [Arrow Video]
19:Hostile(Entertainment Studios)
20:Unsane [20th Century Fox]


Paul Casey
1:Bonini Bulga – Sealed[Cyclic Law]
2:Cavurn – Rehearsal[Blood Harvest]
3:Choisir Le Pire - Représentation du Six[ Le Recours Aux Forêts]
4:Colossloth - Heathen Needles[Cold Spring]
5:Creta - Creta [Karlrecords]
6:Dark Buddha Rising - The Black Trilogy [Svart Records ] 
7:Dedekind Cut – Tahoe[Kranky]
8:Distant Animals – Lines[Hallow Ground]
9:Dødsmaskin – Ingenting[Cyclic Law ‎]
10:Edgar Allan Poe - The Black Cat[Cadabra Records]
11:Yair Etziony – Deliverance[False Industries]
12:GosT - Possessor [Blood Music]
13:Gruesome - Twisted Prayers[Relapse Records]
14:Mayuko Hino – Lunisolar[Cold Spring]
15:Jana Irmert – Flood[Fabrique Records]
16:MR James - Casting the Runes[Cadabra Records]
17:Thomas Ligotti - The Bungalow House [Cadabra Records]
18:Maëror Tri - Archaic States[Zoharum]
19:Nordvargr – Metempsychosis[Cyclic Law]
20:Attilio Novellino - A Conscious Effort [Midira Records]
21:OMD - Live with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra[  Live Here Now ‎]
22:Raison D'être – Alchymeia[Cyclic Law]
23:Sonologyst – Silencers[Cold Spring Records]
24:Stromstad - New Devoted Human [Malignant Records]
25:VA - Decay, Death and Darkness - Aural Visions of Beksinski[Eighth Tower Records]
26:VA - Satan In Love - Rare Finnish Synth-Pop & Disco 1979-1992[Svart Records]
27:VA - Boogie On The Mainline – A Collection Of Rare Disco, Funk And Boogie From Germany 1980-1987[Boogie On The Mainline]
28:VA - Too Slow to Disco Brasil[How Do You Are]
29:Vomitor - Pestilent Death[Hells Headbangers]
30:Zonk't – Banburismus[Sound On Probation]

Darren Charles
1:Forktail – Forktail (Menk Recordings)
2:Ghost – Prequelle (Spinefarm)
3:Voivod – The Wake (Century Media)
4:Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit (MVKA)
5:Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin – Pilgrim (Self Released)
6:Hawthonn – Red Goddess (Ba Da Bing)
7:Apparition – The Ravenous Dusk (Dark Adversary productions)
8:Trembling Bells – Dungeness (Tin Angel Records)
9:Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back (Candlelight Records)
10:Sleep – The Sciences (Third Man Records)
11:Yob – Our Raw Heart (Relapse Records)
12:Johann Johannsson – Mandy OST (Lakeshore Records)
13:John Carpenter – Halloween 2018 OST (Sacred Bones Records)
14:Heartwood Institute – All Hallows Eve (Self Released)
15:Inkubus Sukkubus – Sabrina: Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder 3 (Resurrection Records)
16:Rowan: Morrison – In the Sunshine… (Self Released)
17:Ivar Bjornson & Einar Selvik – Hugsja (Norse Music)
18:Hangman’s Chair – Banlieue Triste (Music Fear Satan)
19:Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions (Weathermaker)
20:Satan – Cruel Magic (Metal Blade)
21:Bong – Thought & Existence (Ritual Productions)
22:Octopus – Supernatural Alliance (Rise Above Records)
23:The Mon – Doppelleben (Supernatural Cat)
24:Church of the Cosmic Skull – Science Fiction (Cosmic Skull)
25:Chris Carter – Chemistry Lessons (Mute Records)
26:Urarv – Argentum (Svart)
27:Sigh – Heir to Despair (Spinefarm)
28:A Forest of Stars – Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes (Lupus Lounge)
29:Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (Nuclear Blast)
30:Vanishing Kids – Heavy Dreamer (Svart)


 Film/TV/DVD/Blu ray
1:Shape of Water (20th Century Fox)
2:Mandy (Universal)
3:Blade Runner 2049 (Sony)
4:Avengers – Infinity Wars (Disney)
5:Solo: A Star Wars Story (Disney)
6:Arcadia (BFI)
7:Pyewacket (Signature)
8:Lek and the Dogs (Salon Pictures)
9:The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)
10:The Changeling (Second Sight)
11:Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Arrow)
12:Eyeball (88 Films)
13:Night of the Demon (Powerhouse)
14:Death Laid An Egg (Nucleus Films)
15:Heathers (Arrow)
16:La Bell et La Bette (BFI)
17:Daisies (Second Run)
18:The Fog (Studio Canal)
19:Prince of Darkness (Studio Canal)
20:City of the Living Dead (Arrow Ltd Edition)


Hal Harmon
1.Jeff Carey - Zero Player Game (Ehse Records)
2.Various Artists - Electronic Cottage: Compilation 004 (HalTapes)
3.Fire-Toolz - Skinless X-1 (Hausu Mountain Records)
4.Werewolf Jerusalem/The RITA/Vomir - Threesome Slitting (Total Black)
5.Sissy Spacek - Blear (Tape Room/Gilgano)
6.Himukalt - Come October (Found Remains)
7.POD BLOTZ - Light Mass Body (Difficult Interactions)
8.Mayuko Hino - Lunisolar (Cold Spring)
9.Transient + Bastard Noise - Sources of Human Satisfaction (Six Weeks Records)
10.John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies - Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sacred Bones)
11.Echo Beds - Buried Language (Somatic)
12.Mkot Pt. - FIKA-01 (Heavy Days)
13.Mariela Rossi - Self-titled (Inner Demons)
14.Puce Mary - The Drought (PAN Records)
15.Jóhann Jóhannsson - Mandy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records)
16.Cerberus Shoal - ...And Farewell to High Tide: Deluxe and Expanded Edition (Temporary Residence)
17.The RITA - Letestu (Disclosures)
18.City Hunter - Deep Blood (Youth Attack)
19.Sissy Spacek- Ways of Confusion (Nuclear War Now!)
20.She Spread Sorrow - Mine (Cold Spring)
21.Sloth - A Quarter of a Century Spent in Mockery of (almost) Everything (Not On A Label)
22.Penny Grune-Fae - Untitled CD-R (Not On A Label)
23.Various Artists - AM 30 - Things Evolve in Swamps (HalTapes)
24.Naughty - Grateful (Lost Light)
25.She Spread Sorrow - Midori (Cold Spring)
26.The RITA - Montreal 2018 (Absurd Exposition)
27.Merzbow/Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - A Perfect Pain (Cold Spring)
28.Forced Into Femininity - Erraticism (Pop Nihil)
29.Tragedy - Fury (Tragedy Records)
30.Crustgirls - Home Invasion (Juice of Mango/Cult Love)


James Shearman
01 - Closet Witch - Closet Witch (Halo of Flies)
02 - Lingua Ignota - All Bitches Die (Profound Lore)
03 - Alocasia Garden - Wall of Glass (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
04 - Bee Eater - Jet Roar Black (aught \ void)
05 - Zen Zsigo - Winter Orbit (Vaagnar)
06 - Cremation Lily - In England Now, Underwater (Alter)
08 - Thewhitehorse - The Spirit of the Lonely Places (Lost Light Records)
09 - Uboa - Coma Wall (Void Worship)
10 - Moloch - A Bad Place (Feast of Tentacles)
11 - J.S.H. - Främlingen (Uninvited Records)
12 - Cannibal Ritual - Hunting for manflesh (Geraushmanufaktur)
13 - Sword Of Kahless - Victory In Battle (Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)
14 - Shurayuki-hime - Tsuyu (KV&GR Recs)
15 - Verhalten - Corrupted Structures v.1 (Modern Tapes)
16 - Grouper - Grid Of Points (Kranky)
17 - korean piss journals - in what america? (Uninvited Records)
18 - Ratgrave - Ratgrave (Apron Records)
19 - Blood Eagle/Eugene Critchley/Condo Horro/Tissa Mawartyassari - Putrescence (Lost Light Records)
20 - Various Artists - Bury Me in a Corner of the Yard (Death Is Not The End)
21 - Cody Currie - Alpha Bravo (House Of Disco Records)
22 - Eastern Lord - ?zab mirasi (Legacy of suffering) (self-released)
23 - Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Stone Cold Crazy (Crow Versus Crow)
24 - Uitgeschakeld - Stepping Stones (Dancing Shadows)
25 - Flood - Challenger Deep (Fall Into Void Recs)
26 - Dorian Concept - The Nature Of Imitation (Brainfeeder)
27 - Doon Kanda - Luna (Hyperdub)
28 - Vide Médian - Runway Mask (Ominous Recordings)
29 - Lyra Valenza - Scan, Deliver (Opal Tapes)
30 - Me, Claudius - Good Diz, Bad Bird (Bezirk Tapes)


Sergey Pakhomov
1. Geißt - Electroplasmic Veiling (Fall Into Void Records )
2. Vomir / Discipline - Split ( Scum Yr Earth )
3. Dosis Letalis -  Smisao Života Je Sloboda (Lurker Bias )
4. Common Eider, King Eider - A Wound of Body [Cyclic Law /Sentient Ruin Laboratories ]
5. Rien - The Black Tape (not on label )
6. Uitgeschakeld  /  Damien De Coene  -Split (Void Singularity Records )
7. Leechfeast - Neon Crosses [Dry Cough Records ]
8. Kosmodrom -  2001: A Space Odyssey (altar of waste records /  Fall Into Void Records)
9. Naughty - Grateful (Lost Light Records )
10. Шумоизоляция - Шумовые полотна (not on label)
11. Lurk - Fringe [Transcending Obscurity Records ]
12. Empty - Vacio [Osmose Records ]
13. Occlusion - 37 (not on label)
14. Simon Šerc - Bora Scura [Pharmafabrik/Sonospace]
15. Summoning - With Doom We Come (Napalm Records)
16. Necrotik Fissure - Vomit Jet Cutter Dossier [The Level Of Vulnerability]
17. Raamma - Trauma (not on label)
18. Mademoiselle Bistouri - Mademoiselle Bistouri (Ominous Recordings )
19. Kraaiengebroed - Kraaiengebroed (Ominous Recordings)
20. Nascitari & Abattoir - Home Made Vol.6 (SoundScape713)
21. Sol - Before We Disappear [Van Records]
22. Architectonicum - Constructionis (GERÄUSCHMANUFAKTUR )
23. SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 - Ov Death (Old Europa Cafe )
24. Old Tower - Stellary Wisdom ()
25. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Electric Dream Ecstasy (Essence Music )
26. John Zorn (with Ches Smith & Ikue Mori) - In a Convex Mirror (Tzadik)
27. Tyrannic - Ethereal Sepulchre [Seance Records ]
28. She Walks Crooked - Tu Devais Mourir (not on label)
29. Natural Actors - Sometimes I Cannot Believe Myself (not on label)
30. James Shearmann - The Wall and The Reverie (not on label )


Josh Landry

1. Archaic - Mountain Powers [Parvati Records]
2. Arovane & Porya Hatami - Organism_evolution [Karlrecords]
3. Babagoon - Tropical Nights EP [Sangoma Records]
4. BioChronic - Photosynthetic EP [Black Out Records]
5. Black Noise - Black Noise [Sangoma Records]
6. BRKHO - Interstellar Gulag [Anomalistic Records,]
7. DJ Krush - Cosmic Yard [Es.U.Es Corporation]
8. Gaspard - Crepuscular Blaterations EP [Sangoma Records]
9. Kabayun - Noctis Labryinthus [Sangoma Records]
10. MPF - Musica Psicodelica Futurista EP [Sangoma Records,]
11. Oker - Husene Våre Er Museer [Sofa,]
12. Peyotes - Wiardayz EP  [Sangoma Records,]
13. Psypien - Fake News EP  [Purple Hexagon Records]
14. Qiujan - Jahān-e Qiu [Ektoplazm]
15.  Ragnar Johnson ‎– Crying Bamboos : Ceremonial Flute Music From New Guinea Madang [Ideologic Organ]
16. Richard Devine - Sort\Lave [Timesig Records]
17. Skydive Trio - Sun Sparkle [Hubro]
18. Spycht - Secreta Roi [Anomalistic Records]
19. Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion [Projekt]
20. Strafe F.R. - The Bird Was Stolen [Touch,]
21. SubConsciousMind - Symphonies of Life [Ektoplazm]
22. Teorema - Kukulkan EP [Samaa Records]
23. Thy Catafalque - Geometria [Season of Mist]
24. Topdown Dialectic - Topdown Dialectric [Peak Oil]
25. Xprompt - Generator [Pureuphoria Records]
26. VA [Believe Lab] - Jungle Calling Vol. 2
27. VA [Future Music Records] - Tangle Mangle
28. VA [GoaProductions] - Portal To Sirius
29. VA [Purple Hexagon Records] - Wash Out 
30. VA [Purple Hexagon Records & Sangoma Records] - Purple Sangoma

Duncan Simpson
1:Proc Fiskal – Insula (Hyperdub)
2:Serpentwithfeet – Soil (Secretly Canadian)
3:Kamasi Washington – Heaven and Earth (Young Turks Recordings)
4:Julia Holter – Aviary (Domino Recording Co)
5:Yves Tumor – safe in the Hands of Love (Warp)
6:Ben Chatwin – Staccato Signals (Village Green)
7:Chris Carter – Chemistry lessons Vol 1 (Mute)
8:The Necks – Body (Fish of Milk)
9:SONOIO (Alessandro Cortini) – Fine (Dais)
10:The Advisory Circle – Ways of Seeing (Ghost Box)
11:Fluxion – Ripple Effect (Vibrant Music)
12:Sly & Robbie + Nils Petter Molvaer + Eivind Aarset + Vladislav Delay - Nordub (Okeh)
13:Arve Henriksen - The Height of the reeds (Rune Grammofon)
14:Jon Hassell - Listening to Pictures (Pentimento Vol 1) (Ndeya)
15:Various Artists - The Quietened Mechanisms (A Year in the Country)
16:Space Afrika - Somewhere Decent to Live (Sferic)
17:Silent Servant - Shadows of Death and Desire (Hospital Productions)
18:Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood (Latency)
19:Ancient Methods - The Jericho Records (Ancient Methods)
20:Hiro Kone - Pure Expenditure (Dais)
21:Drew Mcdowall - The Third Helix (Dais)
22:The KVB - Only Now Forever (Invada)
23:Deepchord - Immersions (Astral Industries)
24:Sarah Davachi - Gave in Rest (Ba Da Bing!
25:Varg - Crush (Posh Isloation)
26:Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of (Warp)
27:Hilde Marie Holsen - Lazuli (Hubro)
28:Cremation Lily - In England now underwater (Alter)
29:Zu93 - Mirror emperor (House of Mythology)
30:R Schwarz - Double Negative (Gruenrekorder)

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