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Music, Sound & Film [2021-12-21]

This year we’ve celebrated our 20th anniversary of existence, and as always with our best of year lists, we’ve selected a wide array of music, sound and film- which has always been the prime focus of M[m].

Roger Batty (Editor/Owner)
Music/ Sound
1:Shohei Amimori - Ex.Life [ Noble Records]
2:Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come - Eternal Messenger – An Anthology 1970-1973 [Esoteric Records/ Cherry Red]
3: John Cage/ Apartment House - Number Pieces  [Another Timbre]
4: Rien - The White Tape [Ominous Recordings]
5:Judith Wegmann / Bruno Duplant - Univers Parallèles [Inexhaustible Editions]
6:Wretched Crawler - The Thief In The Tower [Self release]
7:Arvind Ganga & Riccardo Marogna - - Ballads From The Wrecked Ship [New Wave Of Jazz]
8:Damien De Coene - Only You Alone Inside Hollow Out The Words [Self release]
9:John Tilbury & Bertrand Gauguet - CONTRE-COURBES [Akousis Records]
10:Jonathan Briley - Complete Works [Diophantine Discs]
11: Conflict - Statements Of Intent 1982-1987 [Mortarhate/ Cherry Red]
12:Adrián Demoè - Hlaholika [Another Timbre]
13: Harpers Bizarre - Come To The Sunshine-The Complete Warner Brothers [El/ Cherry Red]
14:Josten Myburgh - Sculthorpe Studies [Another Timbre] 
15:The Man Who Drove The Hearse - The Lethal Temple IV: "No Bolts, No Locks, Could K [Ominous Recordings] 
16:Tissa Mawartyassari & PBK - And the Angels Wept Upon Descent [Enforced Existence]
17:Emile Bojessen - Ice [Geräuschmanufaktur]
18:Tom Cora & David Moss - Cargo Cult Revival [Klanggalerie]
19:Vomir - Anti- Action Figure [Geräuschmanufaktur]
20: Yves Charuest / Benedict Taylor - Knotted Threads [Inexhaustible Editions]
21:Black Leather Jesus - A. N. T. I. [Ominous Recordings]
22: Glemt - Eclipsing Through The Womb Of Twilight And Dementi [Inferna Profundus Records]
23:Dave Phillips - Humanity Is The Virus [Tribe Tapes]
24:Scarlet Diva - To Sleep And Wake Unafraid [Self release]
25:Schloss Tegal - Musick For Madness [Eight Tower Records]
26:Cory Aideen - Help Me Help Me Please [Self release]
27:Straight Panic - Flagging: First Four Albums [Oxidation]
28:The Residents - Freak Show (Preserved Edition) [Cherry Red/ MVD Audio/ New Ralph]
29:Train Cemetery - Ambient Noise Wall [Self Release]
30:Maartin Allcock - OX15 [Talking Elephant Records]

1:Karloff At Columbia[Eureka Entertainment]
2: The Bloodhound  [Arrow Video]
3:Columbia Noir #2 [Powerhouse]
4:Dogs Don’t Wear Pants [Anti-Worlds Releasing]
5:Pink Films Vol 5 & 6 [Third Widow Films]
6: No Man Of God [101 Film]
7:Beauty And The Beast [Second Run]
8:Yokai Monsters Collection  [Arrow Video]
9:I Start Counting  [BFI]
10:Corruption [Powerhouse] 
11: Host[Second Sight]
12: Shogun’s Joy of Torture [Arrow Video]
13:Dinner In America [Arrow Video]
14:The Fourth Victim [Severin]
15:The People Next Door [Powerhouse ]
16:Lake Mungo [Second Sight Films]
18: Hammer Vol Six: Night Shadows [Powerhouse]
19: The Fifth Horseman Is Fear [Second Run]
20: Encounter Of The Spooky Kind [Eureka Entertainment]

Darren Charles
Top 30 Albums
1.    Demoniac – So It Goes[Edged Circle Productions]
2.    Heinrich Dressel – Shapeshifting[Spun Out Of Control]
3.    Green Lung – Black Harvest[Svart Records]
4.    Gazelle Twin and Nyx – Deep England[NYX Collective Records]
5.    Hail Spirit Noir – Mannequins [Agonia Records]
6.    Big Hogg – Pageant of Beasts[Bad Elephant Music]
7.    John Carpenter – Lost Themes III[Sacred Bones]
8.    Helloween – Helloween[Nuclear Blast]
9.    Ashtoreth and Grey Malkin – Heretic[ Reverb Worship]
10.    Corpse Twitcher – Bring the Dead[Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings]
11.    Everyday Dust – Black Water[Castles in Space]
12.    Temple Witch – Hand in Hand with Chaos[self release]
13.    Trappist Afterland and Grey Malkin – II [ Reverb Worship]
14.    Owlmask – Annihilation Productions[Menk! Recordings]
15.    Simon Klee – Mandragora[Woodford Halse]
16.    Heartwood Institute and Hawksmoor – Concrete Island[Spun Out Of Control]
17.    Wood Witch – Malleus Maleficarum[Self Release]
18.    La Brieche – La Rite[Cold Spring]
19.    Witchcryer – When the Gods Come For you[Ripple Music]
20.    Field Lines Cartographer – Superclusters[ Self Release]
21.    Black Swan Triad – Symbiosis[ Reverb Worship]
22.    Rowan Amber Mill – Disciples of the Scorpion[Miller Sounds] 
23.    Exodus – Persona Non Grata[Nuclear Blast]
24.    Proto Droids – Genetic World[ Self release]
25.    Acid’s Trip – Strings of Soul[ Self release]
26.    Donhavur – The Flow Across Borders[ Castles in Space]
27.    Firefay – Tales of Monsters of Fairies[Self Release]
28.    Mandrax – The Farlands [self released]
29.    Quiet Clapping – The Abbey of the Black Hag[Woodford Halse]
30.    Powerwolf – Call of the Wild [Napalm Records]

Top 20 DVD/Bluray etc
1.    Santa Sangre (Severin Ltd Edition UHD Box Set)
2.    All The Haunts Be Ours: A Compendium of Folk Horror (Severin Box Set) 
3.    Dune ( Warner Bros.)
4.    The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee (Severin Box Set)
5.    Shawscope Volume 1. (Arrow Box Set)
6.    Rise of the Synths (Costell and Moreno)
7.    Blood For Dracula (Severin)
8.    Mill of the Stone Women (Arrow)
9.    Battle Royale (4k UHD Arrow)
10.    Black Candles (Severin)
11.    Flesh For Frankenstein (Vinegar Syndrome)
12.    Demons UHD (Arrow)
13.    Demons II UHD (Arrow)
14.    Day of the Beast UHD (Severin)
15.    Perdita Durango UHD (Severin) 
16.    The Nun and the Devil (88 Films)
17.    Nasty Habits: The Nunsploitation Collection (Severin)
18.    The Sinbad Trilogy - Ltd Edition Reissue (Powerhouse)
19.    Brotherhood of Satan (Arrow)
20.    In the Earth (Universal Pictures)


Paul Casey
1:Gary Numan - Intruder [The End]
2:Despise You - West Side Horizons (reissue) [Tankcrimes]
3:Oxygen Destroyer - Sinister Monstrosities Spawned By the Unfathomable [Redefining Darkness]
4:Maurizio Bianchi - The Plain Truth [Verlag System]
5:Amon Tobin - How Do You Live [Nomark]
6:Seigo Aoyama - On the Drift [Audiobulb]
7:Boris & Merzbow - 2R0I2P0 [Relapse]
8:Celer - Being Below [Two Acorns]
9:Controlled Death/Mayuko Hino - Split [Cold Spring]
10:Det Kätterska Förbund - Lidaverken Del I: Att i Vådeld Förgås [Cold Spring]
11:Frank Hall - I Remember You OST [Cold Spring]
12:Himukalt - Knife Through Spine [Cold Spring]
13:Jana Irmert - The Soft Bit [Fabrique]
14:Thomas Köner - Aubrite [Mille Plateaux]
15:Ljudvägg - Transformation [Lamour/Purlieu]
16:MUHD - Dilogia [Cyclic Law]
17:Nasturtium - Please Us [Room40]
18:Omegavortex - Black Abomination Spawn [Invictus Productions]
19:Sunnk - Weaving Ritual [Mille Plateaux]
20:Bill Thompson - Ocean Into Light [Burning Harpsichord] 
21:Titanoboa - Porphyr [a-Musik]
22:Various Artists - The Black Stone – Music For Lovecraftian Summoning [Eighth Tower]
23:Zombi - Liquid Crystals [Relapse]
24:Dark Buddha Rising - Mathreyata [Svart]
25:Giuseppe Ielasi - Five Wooden Frames [12K]
26:Raoul Sinier - The Dollmaker Tales [Self Release]
27:Russell Haswell - Digital [Editions Mego]
28:Marta Forsberg - TKAĆ [Thanatosis]
29:Tom Lönnqvist - Noir [Mille Plateaux]
30:Yann Novak - Lifeblood of Light and Rapture [Room40]

Josh Landry
1. Autarkh - Form In Motion [Season of Mist]
2. Devin Townsend - The Puzzle [HevyDevy Records]
3. Edenic Past - Red Amarchord [Sentient Ruin Laboratories]
4. Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Ding Dong, You're Dead [Rune Grammofon]
5. Plebeian Grandstand - Rien Ne Suffit [Debemur Morti Productions]
6. Thy Catafalque - Vadak [Season of Mist]
7. Tomahawk - Tonic Immobility [Ipecac Recordings]
8. Aar & Dag - Tifold af Fri Form og Fælles Motiv [År Og Dag]
9. Aural Hypnox - Transcendental Radiations I [Aural Hypnox]
10. Auvinen - Akkosaari [Editions Mego]
11. Karkhana - Al Azraqayn [Karlrecords]
12. VA [Hoomidaas] - Hoom Side Of The Moon Vol 01
13. VA [Spclnch] - Archive A
14. VA [Digital Shamans Records] - Sonic Senses
15. VA [Gaggalacka] - 20 Years Gaggalacka
16. VA [Gandaky Tribe] - Mushroom Therapy
17. VA [Patronus Records] - Liquid Tensity
18. VA [Pelorum Records] - DJ Zorin - The Chillum Sessions (Vol. 1)
19. VA [Protoned Music] - Mitote
20. VA [Psynon Records] - Back 2 Blast
21. VA [PsyUnity Music] - De Consilium
22. VA [Purple Hexagon Records] - Purple Haze
23. VA [Quantz Records] - Seed of Visions
24. VA [Vantara Vichitra Records] - Vantara Vichitra Gathering
25. Dendriform - Voltergeist EP [Blooming Minds]
26. Khetzal - Etamines [Suntrip Records]
27. Paramatma - Cosmic Recreation [Vertigo Records]
28. Interconnekted - Intoo Space EP [Vertigo Records]
29. Egon's Embrace - A Little Larger Than The Entire Universe [Sangoma Records]
30. Xed - Positively Altered Atmosphere EP [Patronus Records]

Martin P
1:Axebreaker - On Guard ‎(Outsider Art)
2:Can - Live in Brighton 1975 (Mute)
3:C.C.C.C. - Test Tube Fantasy - Extended Edition (New Forces)
4:Conflict - Statements Of Intent 1982-1987 (Mortarhate Records)
5:Conflict - Statements Of Intent 1988-1994 (Mortarhate Records)
6:Cryocene - Exclave ‎(New Forces)
7:CZARFACE x MF DOOM – Super What? (Silver Age)
8:Dave Phillips - Disappear (Total Black)
9:Dave Phillips - To Death (Misanthropic Agenda)
10:Depletion - Projections (Dark Passage)
11:Diamanda Galas – Diamanda Galas (Intravenal Sound Operations)
12:Evil Moisture - Gak (New Forces)
13:Hawthonn - Earth Mirror (Ba Da Bing!)
14:Hijokaidan - Modern (Urashima)
15:John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (Live In Seattle) (Impulse!)
16:Kjostad - Warlord (New Forces)
17:Koufar - Minority Report II (Phage Tapes)
18:PJ Harvey - White Chalk - Demos (Island)
19:Plague Mother - Carrying Your Halo (New Forces)
20:Richard Ramirez - Volume 1 (New Forces)
21:Robert Curgenven – Beyond Enclosures (Recorded Fields Editions)
22:Sarah Davachi – Cantus, Descant/Figures In Open Air/Laurus (Late Music)
23:Sweeping Promises - Pain Without a Touch (SubPop)
24:Taqbir - Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause ‎(La Vida Es Un Mus)
25:Ted Byrnes - Words Have Two Meanings (Foul Prey)
26:The Rita - Leopard Skin ‎(Phage Tapes)
27:The Rita - Macha Vs. Knife (Phage Tapes)
28:Tony Allen - There Is No End (Blue Note Records)
29:Unexamine -End Stage ‎(Abhorrent A.D.)
30:White Stains - Make Me Sick (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)

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