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Of Black Bags, unrelenting walled noise, & total sonic nihilism [2015-10-13]

It’s fair to say that Vomir is one the most known, respected, and influential names with-in walled noise. The project was started in 2006 by French man Romain Perrot, and has since gone onto release a truly huge & highly prolific back catalogue, which must be now be moving towards the 200+ plus mark. The projects focus has always remained the same- creating unmoving, crude & unforgiving HNW.  Below you’ll find the third M[m] interview with the project, as we chart the projects last four years.

M[m]:Since we last interviewed you back in 2011, the Vomir project has gone onto release has gone onto release another 100 + releases. How have you managed to release such a huge amount of work in just four years? And do you have any highlights from the last four years releasing?
Romain: Roger. First of all thanks so much for your continuing interest in my work, and for reviewing so many of my releases. All those releases are because I am lucky to get new proposals very often from labels, and I just keep on recording... Hard to have an highlight, but the Ogrob Vomir LP is really an amazing release imho

M[m]:Has your set-up, or the way you create wall’s changed in the last four years? And is there any piece of kit you’ve kept from the start?
Romain:No, the set up hasn't really changed, just one new noise generator... the oldest piece of gear might be the Hugues & Heffner warp pedal... but I have everything for years now. I changed my mixer about 2 years ago, I bought a new one, and I had a lot of difficulties to really handle it, as the new components they use are really against noise !!

M[m]:From time to time you put out larger numbered releases- are the ‘walls’ on these special picked? 
Romain: The walls are not special. I have a list of recordings to do, and so I record each track for each planned release. But I never 'chose' a track for a release. I record, that's all. Each recording must have the special noise I am looking for, and I don't think anything really evolved in all the past years...


M[m]:Which of your less ltd releases are you most proud of?
Romain:The CD+LP  Musique De L'Indifférence  set that came in 2012 on Peripheral was a great.


M[m]:Over the last few years you’ve done a few collaborative releases with the Vomir name, and one of the most rewarding of these was your 2011 release with Marc Hurtado, and do you have plans to work together in the future again?
Romain:Thanks for mentioning this album. It is a very important one for me, working with Marc is a privilege. He is a true artist, with a clear vision, dedicated to his work in the most infinite details. I really hope we'll do more work together, but he is a very busy man with a lot of projects going on.


M[m]:How did the collaboration Marc Hurtado come about? And how did the album writing go? Did you present him with ‘walls’, and the he added his elements? Or did you create the ‘walls’ together?
Romain:We got to know each other, seeing each other very often, and we agreed that our universe and sounds would melt good... so I presented several long walls to Marc so he could work on lot of material. Then he worked on the edit and mix and sounds in his studio, with several meetings when we blasted the sound and talked about ideas and details. Most of the work was done by Marc, he spent hours and hours before he was satisfied with the result. He is a beast of work, a poet, an incredible artist.


M[m]:most of your large set releases have seen reissues in the last few years, but one that is yet to see a reissue is Claustration- are there any plans to reissue this?
Romain:No, not for the moment...


M[m]:Talking of large set releases I believe you have 16 tape set due soon out on AnarchoFreaksProduction- how long did it take you to create such a large set? And what are the themes behind this release?
Romain:I had no deadline for this release, so I took several long recording sessiosn to complete it, and directly on tape... the 16 tapes have no theme. Just pure long static noise

M[m]:talking of larger releases another big releases comes in the form of La Raison Des Ombres Inquiètes- which recently appeared on Ensemble Vide Records. The fount cover features a picture of klaus kinski- what’s the reason for this, and what do you see as the theme behind this release?
Romain:I am rarely involved in the artwork of other labels releases, except when Image Numérique came with a strong idea... so for this new long set, the label created the artwork, which fits really well. I love Kinski, his two biography books are amazing, and he has done amazing performances, especially in bmovies, which i love. there is no particular theme, just a match up betwen a picture and a title... you get what you want out of it..


M[m]:Talking of themes where do you stand on the dark/ disturbing vs. lighter/pop culture themes debate in walled noise?
Romain:I really don't care, and don't debate. Those themes appear in every musical genre (even in classical music) so it's inconsequent


M[m]:Proanomie your first pro pressed Cd from 2009 is still quoted by many as their favourite of your releases- why do you feel it’s managed to keep it’s place in people minds? And have you ever thought of reissuing this release?
Romain:well, I think it was an album which really defined the core, concept and sound of HNW for a lot of people, and it was available all over the world due to the great work of At War With False Noise.
It would be great to reissue it, maybe the 2CD version which was very limited...


M[m]:Over the last year or so there has been a lot of renewed interest in the walled noise scene- why do you think this is?
Romain:Because the HNW scene is very active, and with a precise direction, and true to harsh noise. No bullshit in HNW !


M[m]:Are they are more recent walled noise acts or releases you’ve enjoyed?
Romain:I can't really answer this, too many projects !!!


M[m]:Since we last spoke you gone onto do a few more shows in other counties- what have been some of you highlights?
Romain:Houston was a real blast. I really would love to make a tour of the US, but I must cool myself with my anxiety problems when travelling etc... but I would love to do that. In Europe, I made lots of shows now, so it's normal that I don't tour anymore because I still do exactly the same thing... there is no 'new show' to present.

M[m]:I believe you’ve recently moved back into Paris to live again? Do you think you work changed when you were away from the city? And do you think the city influences your work at tall?
Romain:No. I do the same wherever I am. I was very pleased being isolated last year in the countrysde, but for the past 10 years I was in a shiny sunny city in the OSuth of France, and the best place I belonged was between the walls of my appartment.

M[m]:recently Black Blood Press have reissued Absurdum Compil- which is 106 page Art zine featuring your derange, perverse & child-like art. Do have plans to releases any more similar releases?
Romain: I’ve been doing this absurdum zine  for 15 years now. They come scarcely, I don't plan anything but there will be more


M[m]:talking of books, over the years there has been mentions that you might one day put out a vomir book- is there any up-date on this release?
Romain:Still no update, everything is in the hands of At War With False Noise, who had commissioned the translation in english

M[m]:What’s next for the project?
Romain:Here goes nothing !!! new CD on Decimation Sociale out this september, and of course more releases to appear...

Thanks to Romain for his time & effort with the interview. For news/ info on Vomir, and Romain’s other projects please head over to here

Roger Batty
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