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Best Of 2012 [2012-12-19]

2012 was  another great year for music & sound in all it’s many genres. Below you’ll find a list of releases that really meant something to our writers over the last 12 months

Roger Batty(site owner, Editor, reviewer & article writer)
1:Dead Body Collection - The Rostov Ripper [Sweet Solitude]
2: Truchsess - Entreaty [Muzikaal Kabaal]
3:Chantal - B [Muzikaal Kabaal]
4:Circle - Zopalki [Ektro Records]
5:The Monochrome Man - Sad Sketches For The Monochrome Man [Sweet Solitude]
6: Peter Cusack - Sounds From Dangerous Places [ReR/Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD]
7: Steve Roach/Dirk Serries - Low Volume Music [Projekt]
8: Love Katy - You’re No Good For Me [Altar of Waste]
9: Carrion Black Pit - They Live, We Sleep [Vomit Bucket Productions]
10: Boar - Craft [Worthless Recordings]
11: Rush - Clockwork Angels [Roadrunner Records]
12: Clive Henry - XIII [Vagary Records]
13: Pooh - Pooh’s House [Muzikaal Kabaal]
14: Vomir/Goghal - Amour Du Fossoyeur/Morbus Mora [Zvukovina]
15: Carlton Melton - Photos of Photos [Agitated Records]
16: Funerary Call - Fragments From The Aethyr [Crucial Blast]
17: Niezwyciê¿ony - Stereo Biodissector [Toxic Industries/Irritant Series]
18: John Tilbury/The Smith Quartet - Music for Piano and Strings by Morton Feldman vol2 [Matchless Recordings]
19: Hexvessel - No Holier Temple [Svart Records]
20: Ennio Morricone - Morricone Kill [Él/Cherry Red]
21:Nightmare Castle - At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul [Muzikaal Kabaal
22:Foul - Ripping The Flesh Out Of Your Guts [Burial Recordings]
23:Anonymous - Auschwitz-Birkenau [Sweet Solitude]
24:Ruine - Nous Irons Plus Loin Sans Avancer Jamais [Self Release]
25:Various HNW Artists - Seven Domains Of Disgust [Kafkex Rex]
26:Scant/Ritual Stance - Split [Void Séance]
27:Les Baxter - Jewels Of The Sea [Él/ Cherry Red - 2012]
28:Chloë - Untitled II [self release - 2012]
29:Konntinent - Kiruna [Hibernate Records]
30:Loren Nerell - Slow Dreams [Projekt]


Russell Cuzner (reviewer & article writer)
1:Hildur Guðnadóttir-Leyfðu Ljósinu (Touch)
2:Cyclobe- Sulphur-Tarot-Garden (Phantom Code)
3:Myrninerest-"Jhonn," Uttered Babylon (The Spheres)
4:Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage- Live At The Grimm Museum Volume One: ‎(Important Records/Sonic Acts)
5:Elodie- Eglise Saint Merri (self-released)
6:Aluk Todolo- Occult Rock: (The Ajna Offensive)
7:Carter Tutti -Void Transverse (Mute)
8:Oren Ambarchi- Audience of One (Touch)
9:Swans- We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head: (Young God Records)
10:Cut Hands -Black Mamba: (Very Friendly)
11:Un- The Final Question: (ICR/Twenty Hertz)
12:Om -Advaitic Songs: (Drag City)
13:Michael Begg/Human Greed- Dirt on Earth: A Pocket of Resistance (Omnempathy)
14:Voltigeurs- Possession (Turgid Animal)
15:Vertonen At Jennie Richie- Leaving Ocean for Land (Debacle Records)
16:Monos - Age And Transformation + Aged And Transformed (Infraction)
17:Vikki Jackman, Andrew Chalk & Jean-Nöel Rebilly- A Paper Doll's Whisper Of Spring: (self released)
18:X-TG-Desertshore/The Final Report (Industrial Records)
19:KTL- V (Editions Mego)
20:Swans- The Seer (Young God Records)
21:Valley of Fear- Valley of Fear: (Legion Blotan)
22:irr. app. (ext.) -Neognath In Machina (Petit Mal Music)
23:Andrew Chalk- Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies' Wave Serene (Faraway Press)
24:Oren Ambarchi- Sagittarian Domain (Editions Mego)
25:Jarboe- Indemnity 2 (The Living Jarboe)
26:Darren Tate- No Longer Here (ICR)
27:Earth- Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II (Southern Lord)
28:Fire! with Oren Ambarchi- In the Mouth - A Hand: (Rune Grammofon)
29:Lull & Beta Cloud / Andrew Liles- Circadian Rhythm Disturbance: (Cold Spring)
30:Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!: (Constellation)


Josh Landry(review & article writer)
1. Swans - The Seer [Young God Records]
2. Meshuggah – Koloss [Nuclear Blast]
3. VA - CinderVOMIT Benefit Compilation [Akashik Record]
4. Willits + Sakamoto - Ancient Future [Ghostly]
5. Robert Rich – Nest [Soundscape]
6. Terminal11 - Self Exorcism [Hymen Records]
7. Sven Kacirek - Scarlet Pitch Dreams [Pingipung]
8. Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II [Metal Blade]
9. The Boats - Ballads of the Research Department [12K]
10. VA – Enlight [Enlight Records]
11. Supersillyus – Tesselations [Base Trip Records]
12. Steve Roach - Back to Life [Projekt]
13. Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay[Neurot]
14. Alexander Tucker - Third Mouth [Thrill Jockey]
15. Juicy Bits - Honey Dolphins [Drumlore]
16. VA - Solar System [Mind Experience Records]
17. Animal Collective - Centipede Hz [Domino]
18. Escape Into - The Dream [Enlight Records]
19. The Music Tapes - Mary's Voice [Merge]
20. Musik Magier – Moved[CYAN]
21. Venetian Snares - Affectionate EP [Self Release]
22. Venetian Snares - Fool the Detector EP [Timesig]
23. Arktau Eos – Unworeldes [Svart Records]
24. Aglaia – Otherworldliness[Hic Sunt Leones]
25. Smooth Genestar – Utopolis [CYAN]
26. VA - Gem Drops Two [Dropping Gems]
27. Ellis Thomas - Drippy Creatures [Glitchy Tonic Records]
28. Xikwri Neyrra - In Contact With Sound [Acidmaniacs Records]
29. Cyclobe - Sulphur / Tarot / Garden [Phantom Code]
30. Vladislav Delay - Latoma EP [Echocord]



Martin P(review  & article writer)
1:Arizona Dranes - He Is My Story: The Sanctified Soul Of Arizona Dranes (Tompkins Square)
2:Boar - Craft (Worthless Recordings)
3:Caligula031 – Slavetrade2000 (Filth And Violence)
4:Carrion Black Pit/Nascitari – The Conqueror Worm (Forever Escaping Boredom)
5:Dave Phillips & Francisco Meirino - We Are None Of Us (Misanthropic Agenda)
6:Dead Body Collection/Ghost – Whore Of Babylon (self-released)
7:Dead Body Collection/Government Alpha - Fragments Of Memory (Worthless Recordings)
8:Die Reitenden Leichen - Post Wall (Monolithische Aktion)
9:Divorce – Divorce (Night School Records)
10:Emptyset - Medium (Subtext)
11:Eyvind Kang - The Narrow Garden (Ipecac Recordings)
12:Gluttoness – Gluttoness (Oktomedia)
13:Jessica Bailiff - At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky (Kranky)
14:John Butcher & Mark Sanders – Daylight (Emanem)
15:Lungwash – Not Corpse. But Larva (Sound Holes)
16:Nervous Corps - Void (Coffin Birth)
17:Rayon Beach - This Looks Serious (Hozac records)
18:Reptilian Sexual Predator - Vision (Human Ignorance)
19:Scott Walker - Bish Bosch (4AD)
20; Stephen Cornford – Binatone Galaxy (Senufo Editions)
21:Thomas Köner - Novaya Zemlya (Touch)
22: Tsvia Abarbanel - Yahlel Hawa/Wings of Love (Fortuna Records)
23: UV Race – Racism (In The Red Recordings)
24: Various - _NW (Coffin Birth)
25: Various - Disgust (Kafkex)
26: Various – Ripper Victims (Sweet Solitude)
27 :Various – United States Bestial Forces (L. White Records)
28:Various – Wandelweiser Und So Weiter (Another Timbre)
29:Various - Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music, 1923-1936 (Tompkins Square)
30:Where Is This - Rue Des Lombards (Bored Bear Recordings)


Duncan Simpson (review & article writer]
1:Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Allelujah! Don’t Bend Ascend (Constellation)
2:Eivind Aarset – Dream Logic (ECM)
3:Food – Mercurial Balm (ECM)
4:Nils Petter Molvaer – Baboon Moon (Sula/Sony Music)
5:Holy Other – Held (Tri Angle Records)
6:Swans – The Seer (Young God Records)
7:Katatonia – Dead End Kings (Peaceville)
8:Anathema – Weather Systems (KScope)
9:Nurse With Wound and Blind Cave Salamander – Cabbalism (United Dirter)
10:Tord Gustavsen Trio – The Well (ECM)
11:Burial – Kindred Ep (Hyperdub)
12:Ingenting Kollectiva – Fragments of Night (Oiseaux Invisibles)
13:Laurel Halo – Quarantine (Hyperdub)
14:Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Fetch (Honest Johns Records)
15: oOoOO – Our Love is Hurting Us (Tri Angle Records)
16: Orcas – S/T (Morr Music)
17:Philippe Petit and Friends – Cordophony (Home Normal)
18: Shackleton – Music for the Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ (Woe to the Septic Heart)
19: Simon Scott – Below Sea Level (12K)
20: The Caretaker – Patience (After Sebald) (History Always Favours the Winners)
21: The Slaves – Spirits of the Sun (Digitalis)
22: Mono – For My Parents (Temporary Residence)
23: How To Dress Well – Total Loss (Acephale)
24: N.Racker – Flock Toxicant (Pre Cert / Modern Love)
25:John Zorn – A Vision in Blakelight (Tzadik)
26:Blue Daisy and Unknown Shapes – Bedtime Stories EP (Black Acre)
27:Myrninerest – Johnn Uttered Babylon (Coptic Cat)
28:Jam City – Classical Curves (Night Slugs)
29: Julia Holter – Ekstasis (Domino)
30:Various Artists – Lost in the Humming Air (Tribute to Harold Budd) (Oktaf)

Nicola Vinciguerra(review & article writer)
1:Caligula031 - Slavetrade2000 CD/tape (Filth And Violence)
2:Kam Hassah - Private Conversation Vol. 1 tape (Joy De Vivre)
3:Incapacitants - Mon, Ma? Mon!!! CD (Triangle/Cerosene/Outcry Records)
4:Deviated Sister TV - Cronaca Vera CDr (Murderabilia Records)
5:Ottaven "Musica Per Un Giorno Registrata In Un Mese" 24xtape + book
box (Second Sleep)
6:Tongue Knax - Thee Grand Fidelity tape (Second Sleep)
7:Dj Balli/Ralph Brown - Tweet It! (Extratone Mix) LP (Sonic Belligeranza)
8:Deviated Sister TV - "Bestiae" tape (Santos Productions)
9:Scott Walker - "Bisch Bosch" CD (4AD)
10:Thy Darkened Shade - Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs (World Terror Committee)

Paul Casey(review writer)
1:Incapacitants - Alchemy Box is Stupid [Alchemy]
2:Xiphoid Dementia - Secular Hymns [Malignant Records]
3:Funerary Call - Nightside Emanations [Malignant Records]
4:V/A - Americanoise [Audio Dissection]
5:Macronympha - Appetite for Construction [Bizarre Audio Arts]
6:Incapacitants - Eat! Meat!! Manifesto!!! [Rape Art Productions]
7:Incapacitants - mon, ma? mon!!! [Triangle]
8:Incapacitants - Zashikiwarashi Effect [Ljud & Bild Produktion]
9:Donny & Joe Emerson - Dreaming Wild [Light In the Attic]
10:Poison Idea - The Fatal Erection Years [TKO Records]
11:Rush - Clockwork Angels [Anthem Records]
12:V/A - US Bestial Forces [L. White Records]
13:Klit - Sodomy Is Birth Control [Danvers State Recordings]
14:Torturing Nurse - Hell!? [Mind Flare Media]
15:Egyptology - The Skies [Clapping Music]

1:Arktau Eos - Unworeldes (Svart Records)
2:Bela Bartok - Solti conducts Bartok (Decca)
3:Contemplatron - Prabhashvara (Wrotycz Records)
4:Dawn & Dusk Entwined - Fin de Siècle - Wien (Aube et Crépuscule)
5:Dead Can Dance - Anastasis (PIAS)
6:Deathhammer - Onward to the Pits (Hell's Headbangers)
7:dEUS - Following Sea (PIAS)
8:Hellvetron - Death Scroll of Seven Hells and its Infernal Majesties (Hell's Headbangers)
9:Laibach - Reproduction Prohibited (An Introduction to... Laibach) (Mute)
10:Maldur Atai - Borgata (Autarkeia)
11:Pseudogod - Deathwomb Catechesis (Hell's Headbangers)
12:Sol Invictus - The Devil's Steed (Auerbach Tonträger)
13:Stahlwerk 9 - The Grey Ghost (Steinklang Industries)
14:Troum - Grote Mandrenke (Beta-Lactam Ring)
15:Witchtrap - Vengeance is my Name (Hell's Headbangers)


Richard T. Williams (reviewer)
1 Swans - The Seer [Young God]
2 Nurse With Wound & Blind Cave Salamander - Cabbalism [Dirter]
3 Our Love Will Destroy the World - Thousands Raised to the Sixth [Handmade Birds]
4 Animal Collective - Centipede Hz [Domino]
5 Grimes - Visions [4AD]
6 Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light [Fat Possum]
7 Liars - Wixiw [Mute]
8 Dead Can Dance - Anastasis [PIAS]
9 Mouse on Mars - Parastrophics [Monkeytown]
10 Sleep Research Facility - Stealth [Cold Spring]
11 Burial Hex - Book of Delusions [Cold Spring]
12 Eugene S. Robinson and Philippe Petit - Last of the Dead Hot Lovers [Truth Cult]
13 Black Dice - Mr. Impossible [Ribbon Music]
14 Field Music - Plumb [Memphis Industries]
15 Dan Deacon - America [Domino]
16 Starving Weirdos - Land Lines [Amish]
17 Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense [Xtra Mile]
18 Hirsute Pursuit - Tighten That Muscle Ring [Cold Spring]
19 Of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks [Polyvinyl]
20 Bear in Heaven - I Love You, It’s Cool [Hometapes/Dead Oceans]
21 Blur - Blur 21 (The Box) [Parlophone/EMI]
22 The Eccentronic Research Council -1612 Underture [Bird/Finders Keepers]
23 Hexvessel - No Holier Temple [Svart]
24 Kassel Jaeger - Deltas [Editions Mego]
25 Hot Chip - In Our Heads [Domino]
26 Pet Shop Boys - Elysium [Parlophone/Astralwerks]
27 Yeasayer - Fragrant World [Secretly Canadian]
28 Sylvester Anfang II - Untitled [Latitudes/Southern]
29 Minotaur Shock - Orchard [Melodic]
30 VCMG - Ssss [Mute]

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