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Best of 2011 [2011-12-21]

2011 has been another great year for music & sound in all it’s many genres. Below you’ll find a list of releases that really meant something to our writers over the last 12 months.

Roger Batty(site owner,editor, reviewer & article writer)
1:The Sandman Wears A Mask - Zel [Slow Death Records]
2:Vomir - Maisonbruitarchive (cdr boxset) [Victimology Records]
3:Lungwash - Wonded Oak(Infinity series Part 12) [Sweet Solitude]
4:Steve Roach - Quiet Music [Projekt]
5:Kenneth Kirschner - Twenty Ten [12K]
6:Various Artists - Oak Folk [Ahnstern]
7:Bahimiron - Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror [Moribund]
8:Boar - Family Meeting [Zvukovina]
9:Tromba - Torrential-(Infinity series part 3) [Sweet Solitude]
10:A View From Nihil - The Eternal Present (Infinity series Part 8) [Sweet Solitude]
11:Ghost - Untitled [Slow Death Records]
12:Å-Toute Une Histoire [Victimology Records]
13:The Rita - The Rack [Handmade Birds]
14:Merzbow - Kamadhenu [Hypnagogia]
15: Sleep Of Ages - Sword and Sandals [Bored Bear Recordings]
16:Gluttoness - Smothering Hopes & Crushing Dreams [Toxic Industries/Irritant Series]
17: Bördel Noïr - Elle est morte, elle est pourrie [Slow Death Records]
18:Moon - Caduceus Chalice [Moribund Records]
19:Concrete Threat - Young Blood [self release]
20:Love Katy - Rainbow Haired Starlet [Toxic Industries/Irritant Series]
21:Werewolf Jerusalem - Spiral (Dedicated To Chop Shop) [Bored Bear Recordings]
22:Crass - Penis Envy [Crass Records/ Southern Records]
23:The Fall - Ersatz GB [Cherry Red Records]
24:Dead Body Collection - I Slice Her Body, over and Over.... [Jersey Flesh]
25:Vomir - Attache À Ton Esprit Un Éternel Bourreau [Urashima]
26:Various Artists - This May be My Last Time Singing [Tompkins Square]
27:Jozef Van Wissem - The Joy That Never Ends [Important Records]
28:Gomeisa - Treatise [Phage Tapes]
29:Sleep - Untitled [Inactivist Recordings}
30:Bones - Untitled [Slow Death]


Russell Cuzner (review & article writer)
1 Afro Noise I: Cut Hands (Very Friendly / Susan Lawly)
2 Unreleased?: FIRE! with Jim O'Rourke (Rune Grammofon)
3 HoneySuckle Æons: Current 93 (Coptic Cat)
4 Nicht: Peterlicker (Editions Mego)
5 Orgasm Mix: Nurse With Wound (no label)
6 Here Is Where We Used To Sing: Fovea Hex (Janet Records)
7 Dinoflaggelate Blooms: Manorexia (Ectopic Ents.)
8 Big Shadow Montana: BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
9 En Form For Blå: Æthenor (VHF Records)
10 26000: Angel (Editions Mego)
11 Biutiful/Almost Biutiful Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Gustavo Santaolalla (Relativity Music Group)
12 In a Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A Subject: Keiji Haino / Jim O'Rourke / Oren Ambarchi (Black Truffle)
13 Orgonosis #4: irr. app. (ext.) (Errata In Excelsis)
14 Fortress Longing: The Internal Campaign For The Safe And Complete Return Of The Sleeping Egyptian To The Desert: Human Greed (Omnempathy / ICR)
15 A Tasty Swarm of Small Signals: James Webb / Lawrence English / Francisco López / Asmus Tietchens / Louis Dufort / Alan Courtis / Zbigniew Karkowski (Störung)
16 Black Sun: Kode9 & The Spaceape (Hyperdub)
17 3 Improvisations: Amal Gamal Ensemble (uZu Music)
18 Super Great Love: Evil Madness (Editions Mego)
19 Regifted Light: Baby Dee (Drag City)
20 Dortwytch: Alexander Tucker (Thrill Jockey)
21 Green and Grey: Julia Kent (Important Records)
22 The Haxan Cloak: The Haxan Cloak (Aurora Borealis)
23 Ravedeath, 1972: Tim Hecker (Kranky)
24 The Hands of the Dancer / The Temple of the Dreamer: Freida Abtan (Finite State)
25 The Satyr's Play / Cerberus: John Zorn (Tzadik)
26 Deadman: Shackleton (Honest Jon's Records)
27 Marking Time: Richard Skelton (Preservation)
28 Wonderland: Black Chow (Jahtari)
29 Seven Stars: Fennesz (Touch)
30 Cubist Reggae: Venetian Snares (Planet Mu)


Duncan Simpson(review & article writer)
1:Blood Orange – Coastal Grooves
2:Peaking Lights - 936
3:Roly Porter – Afterlife
4:Current 93 – Honeysuckle Aeons
5:Blue Daisy – The Sunday Gift
6:Clams Casino – Rainforest
7:Deaf Center – Owl Splinters
8:Ford and Lopatin – Channel Pressure
9:Grimes and D’Eon – Darkbloom
10:Holy Other – With U
11:Johann Johannsson – The Miners Hymn
12:Kaboom Karavan – Barra Barra
13:Leyland Kirby – Eagre to Tear Apart the Stars
14:Moon Wiring Club – Somewhere a Fox is Getting Married
15:Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony
16:The Haxan Cloak – The Haxan Cloak
17:Water Borders – Harbored Mantras
18:Zomby – Dedication
19:Zola Jesus – Conatus
20:Chelsea Wolfe – Apocalypsis
21:Chrysta Bell – This Train
22:David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time
23:Explosions In the Sky – Take care take care Take care
24:Svarte Greiner and Le Corbeau –Split LP
25:Hype Williams – One Nations
26:Perc- Wicker and Steel
27:Julia Holter – Tragedy
28:Venetian Snares – Cubist Reggae
29:Sleep-Over – Forever
30:Burial – Street Halo


Josh Landry(review & article writer)
1. Devin Townsend Project - Deconstruction
2. Panda Bear - Tomboy
3. Psykovsky - Na Ve Ka
4. Devin Townsend Project - Ghost
5. Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax (Hypersleep Dialogues)
6. Ocelot - Style Is Not A Style
7. Esoteric - Paragon of Dissonance
8. Protest the Hero - Scurrilous
9. Cynic - Carbon-Based Anatomy
10. The Thirteenth Assembly - Station Direct
11. Radiohead - The King of Limbs
12. Mastodon - The Hunter
13. Dark Buddha Rising - Abyssolute Transfinite
14. Blood Box - Funeral In An Empty Room
15. Leviathan - True Traitor, True Whore
16. Polyphonia - Beyond the Ocean of Time
17. Ott - Mir
18. Foxdye - Monsters of Meme
19. Venetian Snares - Cubist Reggae
20. Machine Drum - Room(s)
21. Various Artists (Real Vision Music) - Weird Worlds
22. Brutal Truth - End Time
23. Biosphere - N-Plants
24. Fennesz - Seven Stars
25. Biomass - Energy
26. Crank Sturgeon - Mashacoustic
27. A Guide for Reason - VII - VIII
28. Current 93 - Honeysuckle Aeons
29. Krisiun - The Great Execution
30. Steve Roach - Immersion Five: Circadian Rhythms


Viktorya Kaufholz( review & article writer)
1:Aosoth- III
2:Blut Aus Nord-777 The Desanctification
3:Aun- Phantom Ghost
4:Uvesen- Self Titled    
5:Locrian- The Clearing
6:Leszek Mozdzer- Komeda
8:Cultus Sabbati- Descent Into The Maelstrom
9:Master Musicians of Bukkake- Totem Three
10:Envenomist- Bound Dominions
11: Indian- Guiltless
12: Forgotten Tomb-Under Saturn Retrograde
13: Current 93- Honeysuckle Aeons
14: Taake- Noregs Vaapen 
15:Mitochondrion- Parasignosis
16: Plaga- Pozenracze Slonc 
17:In Solitude-The World, The Flesh, The Devil
18: Mournful Congregation- The Book of Kings
19:Emme Ya- Atavistic Dreams and Phallic Totems
 20:Kourosh Yaghaemi- Back from the Brink  
 21:Arms + Sleepers- The Organ Hearts
 22:Midnight- Satanic Royalty
 24:Kyle Bobby Dunn- Ways of Meaning
 25: Mika Vainio- Life(It Eats You Up)
 26:Joe Henry-Reverie
 27:Orchid- Capricorn
 28:Saturnalia Temple- Aion of Drakon 
 30:Hauschka- Salon des Amateurs


Martin P(Review Writer)
1:Various - Brass Pins And Match Heads: International 78s compilation (Mississippi Records)
2:Corrupted - Garten Der Unbewusstheit (Nostalgia Blackrain)
3:Various - Fanafody: A Collection Of Recordings And Photography From Madagasikara, Volume II (Mississippi Records)
4:Fred McDowell - The Alan Lomax Recordings (Mississippi Records)
5:Deepkiss720/Dogeeseseegod - Mixdown Muscle Beach (Animal Image Search)
6:Chefkirk - Pure Natural Abstract Radiance (Twilight Luggage)
7:The 8th House - s/t (Spider Tapes)
8: Gillian Welch - The Harrow & The Harvest (Acony Records)
9:Low - C'mon (Sub Pop)
10:Crystal Stilts - In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland Records/Fortuna Pop!)
11:Tyler the Creator - Goblin (XL Recordings)
12:I'm Being Good - Mountain Language (Gringo Records)
13:Richard Ramirez Subscription Series (Bored Bear)
14:Ghost - Wash My Soul (Okto Media)
15:The Sandman Wears A Mask - IV (Coffin Birth)
16:Orchestre Rail-Band De Bamako - Orchestre Rail-Band De Bamako (Mississippi Records)
17:Carrion Black Pit - Anatomy Studies (Sweet Solitude)
18:Various - To What Strange Place : The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-1929 (Tompkins Square)
19:Blood Stereo - The Trachelin Huntiegowk (Tadpole Records/Chocolate Monk)
20:Gluttoness - Crunch (self-released)
21:[Untitled] - II (Sweet Solitude)
22:Thee Cormans - Halloween Record W/Sound Effects (In The Red)
23:Death Grips - Ex-Military (Third Worlds)
24:Opika Pende: Africa At 78RPM (Dust To Digital)
25:Bordel Noir - Hors (AnarchoFreakProduction)
26:Vargwulf - Elite (Breaching Static)
27:A View From Nihil - Primordial Sea (Void Seance)
28:Vomir - Application À Aphistemi (Maisonbruit)
29:The Skull Defekts - Peer Amid (Thrill Jockey)
30:Louis and Bebe Barron - Forbidden Planet Soundtrack (Poppydisc/Rev-Ola)


Nicola Vinciguerra(review writer)         
1:Encephalophonic - Metal Obsession C62 (Steel Sadist Rebirth, U.S.A.)
2:Roro Perrot - Exécution Des Hautes Oeuvres CD (Premier Sang, France)
3:V.A. - White Eye Of Winter Watching (Hospital Productions, U.S.A.)
4:Vidine Ramybé/Vomir split tape (Terror, Lithuania)
5:Shift - Scorched Earth/Walk Alone 10" (Unsound Recordings, U.K.)
6:Alexander Rocciasana - Adolescenza/Campioni Del Mondo 7" (A.R. Software Labels Undergronund, Italy)
7:Japanese Torture Comedy Hour - The 24 Hour Japanese Torture Comedy Marathon mp3 (Grindcore Karaoke, U.S.A.)
8:Morte Incandescente - Relembrando Um Tumulo Esquecido (WTC Productions, Germany)
9:Pain Jerk & John Wiese - Vague Maze 7" (A Dear Girl Called Wendy, Italy)

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