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Dead Body Collection - Witch's Ashes Scattered By The Wind [Palinopsia Recordings - 2014]

Here’s a recent cassette release from Dead Body Collection- an extremely prolific & (mostly) uncompromisingly brutal walled noise project from Serbian.  It comes in the form of a C46 tape on Australia’s Palinopsia Recordings- with each side of tape featuring a single slice of intense & unmoving HNW.

The white cassette features a small stuck on colour label, and a hand number- mines 24/50. The sleeve is a pro printed double sided colour affair, which features a flame based photo-scape, and on it’s inside is a paragraph of text about the burning of a witch.

As the releases title & artwork suggest this release is themed around witch burning, and each side opens up with a brief minute or so dialogue sample taking from an old witch hunter movie.

First up on side A we have “May Your Body Be Consumed By Eternal Fire!”, & after the brief sample we kick into the ‘wall’ . It mixes together a taut & slightly muffled weave of  distant descending  roaring rumble, which has a layer of jittering ‘n’ juddering semi-crisp texturing warped around it. The rumble/ roar produces a nice stark & searing feel, while the jittering & juddering element creates this sonic allusion that the whole thing is slowing & bunching-up together; but in reality the ‘wall’ is firm & fixed. 

Flipping over to side B we have “Whore, Strumpet, Hypocrite!”. This track is built around a rushing, deep & distant billowing, which is wrapped in alternating layers of tumbling juddering- these sit in a fair narrow lower-to-mid range bracket. The billow creates a nice stark & windswept barren-ness, while the layers of juddering create this sonic allusion of slowing or dragged-out breaking texturing, which is most compelling. This ‘wall’ very much conjures up vivid images of a flesh slowly cooking, melting & roasting in a mass of uncontrolled flame.

All in all this is another rewarding & entrancing collection of  fixed walled noise brutality from DBC. With both ‘walls’ summoning up a  worthy mix of searing intensity, and bleak starkness which nicely fits the witch torturing theme of the release very well.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

Roger Batty
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