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Ligyrophobia - No Feeling [Void Singularity Recordings - 2019]

No Feeling is a decidedly nasty ‘n’ dense slice of harsh noise- with the C20/ digital release finding two around ten minutes examples searing noise matter, that feature occasional touches of more nuanced & moody texturing.

Ligyrophobia is the more harsh noise focused project of  Brit noise maker Tom Rushton- who is behind wall projects E.E.E.E. & Niks- as well as running Void Singularity Recordings- the largely wall noise label that put this out. Ligyrophobia started life in 2015, taking in nine releases thus far- taking in splits, shorter releases, and digital releases. The simplistic black & white label tape is presented in a similar black & white cover- this came in an edition of twenty copies, and as of this review, the label still has copies available.

The first sidetrack is “No Feeling”- and here we find dense curls of mid-to-higher toned noise matter which Rushton forces into searing tangles of sound. Ever so often we get breaks where we either get brief fades, moody reverb, or sudden thinner textural gallops- but mainly the point of the track is to put rage & pain into sound. I’m not a big fan of high pitched noise, so as a result, I find much of this not my cup of tea- though I do like some of the more tightly packed coils of mid-range noise- it’s just a pity these feature the high toned elements.

Over on the second side, we have the track “No Hope”- and this starts off much better with shovelling & baying masses of more mid-ranged noise, with this slicing galloping tone pushing the whole thing along- with things get fairly wallish at points. As the track progresses we get theses bucking rips & hacks of textured static occurring with slight higher sways of noise smart happening- though these never get too piecing/ painful.  Sadly the high & teeth grind pitchers do appearing in the last quarter, but they are less prevalent than the first sides track. On the whole of the two tracks here, this second side is certainly my preference, and I guess you’ll call in textured & bucking static flavoured harsh noise with some wallish moments.

I knew from the off that I wasn’t going to enjoy No Feeling as much as Tom’s HNW projects, as while I enjoy some straight harsh noise I’m not the biggest fan, and high pitched noise elements are always a big turn off for me. The first side track certain show Rushton as a competent enough noisemaker- but due to the already mentioned elements, I didn’t enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised by the second side, and at moments really dug this…I just lost interest in the latter half. So in finishing, I’d say you really have to be more of a harsh noise fan, than a wall fan to really get the most out of this hence my low score.

Rating: 2 out of 5Rating: 2 out of 5Rating: 2 out of 5Rating: 2 out of 5Rating: 2 out of 5

Roger Batty
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No Feeling is a decidedly nasty ‘n’ dense slice of harsh noise- with the C20/ digital release finding two around ten minutes examples searing noise matter, t...
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