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Wreckord - Self Titled [Self Release - 2019]

Wreckord sounds like it could be maybe a grim-yet somehow groove bound BM project, or possibly a bombastic ‘n’ crushing doom band. But in reality, the projects present us with blend shifting noise texturing, wallish moments,  and modified-to-melted choral/ gospel/ easy listening music elements. This self-titled release is the first offering from the project- coming as either a C60 or a digital download.

Wreckord is one of the more recent projects from Spanish wall-noise/ stark drone artists Damien De Coene- who  records under his name, and the project name Charles Razeur. And while you can certainly hear this came from the same mind as his other work- it’s a lot more active, shifting and at times complex in it’s textured noise tones, also the use of samples is something we’ve not heard before- apparently, this first release is meant to tell somewhat of a sonic story.

The release takes in five tracks and these each run between five and thirteen minutes. The tracks move between sparsely arranged pops, snaps, and crackles. Through to more active & detailed textured structures arranged with subtle choral samples. Onto thicker & hazed blends of churning & mangled easy listening elements, and more detailed noise texturing. The type & attack of the tracks are fairly different too throughout the release- some are intricate & pared back, while others have almost a locked groove like feel, then others have a more amassed and rousing. It’s clear Mr. De Coene has taken his time to both distill, arranged and vary the tracks- and as I’ve said before he is developing into a very talented & distinctive noise-maker- who with this release is certainly blurring the lines between the sub-genres of noise and experimental sound.

The physical version of this release finds a plain white cassette presented in a monochrome sleeve- this looks like it could be for a more abstract & harsh noise bound take on Black Metal, as it features a crude BM like logo, and a line of three white silhouettes that have been slashed out & scrawled over- so an interesting choice for the release's artwork.

In finishing this self-titled release is certainly a creative & at times quite daring venture. I think, as it slips between noise genres & general sample modified experimental sound, that it may not automatically appeal to Mr. De Coene normal audience- ie wall noise or bleak drone fans, but I’d say if you enjoy his other work I’d give this a try, as he is attempting something quite different here. Also if you’re a fan of more noise-based sample manipulated fare also give this a try. To hear samples and buy direct head here

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

Roger Batty
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