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The Psychogeographical Commission - Genius Loci [Acrobiotic Records - 2009]

The Psychogeographical Commission are a two piece English/ Scottish project who conjure up a sound that mixes together dark & swirling Coil like electronics, dark neo folk strum, and bleak joy Division or doomed English post punk  like bassy lined indie guitar pop edgers.

Genius Loci is the projects first release which was original released as a long sold-out CDR- now itís available in a Ďfullí remastered form in a rather fitting oversized cd case which is made to look like an ordnance survey map. The albumís theme/concept is all about the Psychogeographical, occult & spirit bound residue of city scapes; & in particular that of Londonís rich & shift sonic & architectural  sprit. Each track is based around a mixture of droning, swirling & morphing dark electroinca, clean & harmonic yet doomed guitar lines, and wondering bass lines. All which is topped off with wordy male spoken semi sang vocals which bring to mind the likes of the scholarly yet entertaining vocal style of  the likes H.E.R.R or  The English Heretic. Talking of The English Heretic; thatís the nearest sonic comparison that most comes to mind through-out the whole of Genius Loci; with itís mixture of electronics & acoustics, spoken word vocals & slight touches of field recording; but unlike much of English Heretic work this s a lot more song based & approachable, through on the downside it never really reaches the spine chilling & goose-bump rising macabre-ness of the English Heretic at their most potent & deadly.

In all an rewarding opening shot from this project, though towards the end of the album they drop the vocals & drift into rather bland electronic & field recording nodding thatís neither that atmospheric or effectively in enhancing the rest of the albums themes; it almost feels like they ran out of material to fill up a full length so they thought lets 'bugger around' a bit. Never the less donít let this put you off as thereís real sonic promise in the first three quarters of the album. To find out more & buy direct drop into the bands site here.

Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5

Roger Batty
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