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Nascitari - La Morte È Il Principio [Victimology Rec - 2011]

“La Morte È Il Principio” offers up two slices of thick, nasty & searing walled noise from this Italian act who specializes in suicidal & funeral themed walled noise.

The albums title roughly translates to “The Dead women Are Principle” which along with grim black and white artwork of an abandoned church gives the whole thing an extra edge of deathly grimness.  The two tracks on offer here are  “Il Principio È La Morte”( The Principle Is the Dead women) which comes in at 40.04 mark taking up the lions share of the release, and the title track that comes in at spot on the 10.00 minute mark.

The first track starts out with an muffled & stuck bleak noise billow- though this only last less than half a minute then this full ‘walled’ mixture of flame thrower like billowing & juddering stark noise roar kicks-in. The rest of the track stays with the two main elements to create a very thick & dense walled noise form, yet there are a few  subtle layer, adds, shifts & moves along the ‘walls’ length & these take in: extra ebbs of roasting tonality, sways of brutal rumble ‘n’ juddering, burred synth like drones ‘n’ blunt drills, buried gutturally moans & bays- which at times sound like they could be backwards & layered up, and genreal bleak ‘n’ brutal textural enhancements.  All told the tracks  a great seared ‘n’ bleak slice of thick ‘n’ dense wall making with some great subtle textural detail appearing ever so often in the thick textured maelstrom of the track

The second/ last track starts out with an ultra bleak & muffled buried rumble that's fairly soon has an suffocating & pained judder added on top. As the track goes on the judder slowly gets more speared out & caustically lo-if  in it’s feel,  which creates this very agitated yet fairly fixed wall of noise. Again this is another rewarding track that shows the more lo-fi & airless side of this projects work.

All told “La Morte È Il Principio” is a very worthwhile HNW release from this Italian project. With a dense lengthy track & a shorter more agitated & suffocation track on offered up here.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

Roger Batty
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