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"Bringing together cultures and continents of musical expressionism, estradasphere canbest be described as ‘World Music’. Within estradasphere the spoils of musical exploration and conquering are spilling over, collecting in a serum so thick you can not describe the ingredi-ents, but you hear/taste them all. Within a single piece of music it is not uncommon to hear 10 different styles woven together as one giant tapestry of diversity and intricacy. In the past year our songs and live shows have inspired many different types of performers to build a circusaround us, making the spirit of art and expression a multidimensional experience.Estradasphere is bigger than a show; it is a festival and the celebration of free expression. The music of estradasphere can be thought of as an accelerated journey through the light and darksides of the human soul, marinated with a thin layer of satire and tastelessness (this shouldexplain our Backstreet Boy image). Deep within us there is also a mutual responsibility andpassion we feel towards the progression and integrity of the arts. We have all suffered from the sad fact that success in music is often inversely proportional to the creative ability of the musi-cians.

Simply watch MTV or turn on the radio and experience this form of decay and stagna-tion.Estradasphere’s goal (if we were to pick one) would be to bring the world into harmony,or at least bring creative music back. We plan to drag our music through the sewage of corpo-rateinfluence and its resulting state of mass lethargy. We hope to inspire all artists and people to express and create amazing things. Hopefully we can do better for the world of music than the Backstreet Boys."-G. Light
All Estradasphere cd's are still in print. You can order them through various online shops, or order it through their own site:
Estradasphere - It's Understood
Estradasphere - The Silent Elk of Yesterday
Estradasphere - Buck Fever
Estradasphere - These are the Days VHS
Don Salsa - Behind Every Able Man There Are Other Able Men (Side Project)
ISS - Forget About The Girl (Side Project)

John Whooley - Saxophones, Vocals, Penny whistle, Piano, Flute, Throat Singing
Tim Smolens - Acoustic and Electric Bass, Electronics, Vocals, Throat Singing
Jason Schimmel - Guitars, Banjo, Vocals, Throat Singing
Timb Harris - Violin, Trumpet, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals, Throat Singing
David Murray - Drums, Dijiridu, Jaminator, Flute, Throat Singing

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Estradasphere - Palace Of Mirrors
A strange phenomenon happened with Palace Of Mirrors, the fourth album by Estradasphere. While being the 'coming-off-age' album of the band and objectively speaking the most accomplished album to date I didn't get into it immediately while in theory this should've been the case.

Estradasphere - Passion For Life
It has been in the works for quite some time but here it is: the first Estradasphere DVD. It got even better because it’s a double-disc with a live-CD too. Where the vhs Days Of Our Lives marked Esphere Phaze 1 were Dave Murray was still in the band, Passion For Life marks Phaze 2 where John Whooley is still in and Dave makes some returns as a sessiondrummer along with Theo Mordey.

Estradasphere - Quadropus
Originally planned for a september 2002 release, well over a year later, Estradasphere finally released their 3rd opus: Quadropus. With the drummer-‘problem’ still unsolved the now quartet got help from former drummer Dave Murray and Theo Mordey.

Estradasphere - It's Understood
"It's Understood" is the debut album from the band Estradasphere, the five crazy musicians from Santa Cruz, California.

Estradasphere - Buck Fever
Wow! My whole CD collection on one CD! Now this is a space-saving alternative for the open-minded musiclover! Estradasphere might even be the most diverse band in existence.

Estradasphere - The Silent Elk Of Yesterday
As a taster for the Buck Fever album (scheduled for September 2001), Estradasphere released this 73 minute EP with four songs from the album and a bunch of liverecordings.

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Estradasphere - The Dapper Bandits
One of the greatest bands to emerge from the USA lately is Estradasphere. All the records have been reviewed on our site so one can read about those in our reviews section.

Sorted Reviews
Estradasphere - Promo Medley
Your whole CD collection on one CD! Now this is a space-saving alternative for the open-minded musiclover! Estradasphere might even be the most diverse band in existence.

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