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Tha Blue Herb - The Future Is In Our Hands [2003-07-25]

Mirai Wa Oira No Te No Naka (The Future Is In Our Hands) is Tha Blue Herb's latest single. Expect off-killer beats, industrial sounds and a deeply electronica-influenced form of hiphop.


Getting up is always a drag, no matter the time, Snoozing until the last minute means no time for breakfast

Jump on the five to 10 as usual, At \650 an hour

I'm just a waiter with no right to talk back, Slave to the lunching customers

The lazy clock is my enemy no.1 , Life seems far too stubborn to be changed

Grease-stained worn-out shirt, A look too miserable for a 'BOSS'

I see no sky from the window, Tomorrow could be today for all I know

5 minutes break in a smoky rest room, What does free mean?

This is not where I ought to end up,
Right, 'cause the future is in our hands

I'm not here to be a loser but to succeed, Bear anything and survive waiting for that wind to blow

No way out from this dump under the hard rain,
Dragging myself home again

I don't need any more whitewash bullshit, My knees are about to give in

Ideals are only for those who can afford them,
Hopes have no part in my life right now

Scraping the street with my jeans' turn ups, Back to the smoky rest room

I'm only just managing to survive, but I know one thing for sure, It is still in our hands

Work followed by work, cultivate the field and wait for sunrise, but nothing changes

Unrecognisable to anybody else, Still cultivating the field

Negligible pay gets sucked out, Record pressing costs ridicule me and hang from my shoulders

Doubted the dreams long ago, "Chie no Wa" (EP) is left on the shelf, Trapped with no way out

Play the women, Forget the records on hold, Dry up the booze and sweat with self-satisfaction

Every month, can't escape the moneylenders, Seems like there's no such thing as 'chance'

Smile, though it may be hard, Wait, And let the record spin quietly for now

This mission is going to be a troubled one, Let it spin, Let SP THA BLUE take control

Lost in battles as tough as Waterloo, Fly low across the 'BOG'

It's B and ONO, Japan's original BEST KEPT SECRET


A gradual magnifying resonance, Feeling like the beginning of something new

Supporters, believers, bystanders, vagabonds, music freaks, the curious and the outlaws

Realise that the story has only just begun, Walk in the slaughtered victim MC's blood

2 May '99, "Tohdai" , CORE in Roppoingi was where we arrived

We closed the last door behind us, and opened the first with our own hands

It's a joke for us to turn our back on this town, You can't intoxicate us with phony deals

We were right, It's been a long road when you look back

We don't have connections, no one to lean on, PEACE TO the morning SOUL and the drunkards

Redeem my honour at the end of ninth inning, The limitless payback

Getting up is always a drag, no matter the time, snoozing until the last minute means no time for breakfast

Jump on the five to 10 as usual, 'Excuse me, I have a show on May 2.

I want to take a day off', 'Oh sorry but I wanted you to quit

by the end of the month anyway', OK, perfect, The future is in our hands

We all met in the music, We'll never leave it

We may find more but it will never be less, We'll probably all age together smiling

The scattered morning dance floor, There are no questions to be asked

The drama of sharing what you have given, The future is in our hands

The party is over and the music turned off, The Past is the past and not much can be done

Like Saturdays at Al's Bar, I still can't believe you are a parent now

So there you found happiness, Perhaps nothing can beat that

Time comes and goes, never stops, The future is in our hands

Wake up those asleep, put back the ashtrays, and reminisce about those nights in silence

To the sounds of the glasses of the last toast, To the record breaking depth of sound

To Tokyo, and other local cities, Miyako, Kyoto, and today's Sapporo City

Here we all survive, Someday we will all meet, Finally the future is in our hands

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