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The Melvins - Basses Loaded
Arriving just a few months after the years-delayed collaborative Mike + the Melvins album “Three Men and A Baby,” “Basses Loaded” sees the Melvins tossing out yet another bizarre puzzle piece in their cryptic tapestry of recordings. 
Splice - Silent Spoke
Here we have two pro CDs, presented in a cardboard, gatefold wallet; decorated with scratchy graphics and smeared colours. Splice are a quartet centred around trumpet, saxophone/clarinet, bass guitar, and percussion; though there are notably also a couple of laptops deployed. The album has twelve tracks spread across the discs, with durations ranging from a brief 2.5 minutes to over seventeen.
Gruesome - Dimensions of Horror
Death metal all-star team, Gruesome, are back on Relapse with Dimensions of Horror, their follow up to 2015's Savage Land. Continuing their Death inspired mayhem, Dimensions is six tracks of freshly played, throwback fury. Once again using Ed Repka artwork to complete the look,Gruesome's second release sells their passion for early death well through tight riffing and well constructed song writing.
Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel
Ne Obliviscaris is an Australian progressive metal band with a huge amount of energy and ambition, crafting bombastic 16 minute pieces filled with emotionally charged shifts from idiom to idiom, taking the epic structure from classic progressive and power metal, the chugging sonic force of death and black metal, and the contemplative chord work of jazz fusion.  They released their debut, "Portal of I", in 2012.  If are looking for metal with the density and scope of a classical symphony, their 2nd album "Citadel" is it.
Neighbor’s Nightshade - Neon Origins
Lurker Bias presents Neon Origins by Neighbor’s Nightshade; another installment in their Neon Walls series. As mentioned in previous reviews, the gist of the series is simple: ten cassettes from ten artists, limited to 10 copies a piece, the only guiding concept is Neon Walls. Featured artists include: Cory Strand, Shurayuki-Hime, New Class Identities, and other familiar (and not so familiar) wallers.
Wormed - Krighsu
Wormed is a brutal technical death metal band from Spain which follows the modern convention of blue-green, sci-fi looking artwork, pseudo-scientific and wordy existential song titles, a higher minded cosmic aesthetic to replace the necro/gore imagery of olde.  In this way, they are comparable to bands such as The Faceless.  "Krighsu" is their 3rd album, and the first one I've given a serious listen.
Morton Feldman - For Christian Wolff
For Christian Wolff is another one of Morton Feldman’s later & lengthy works. It features a very tonally narrow collection of patterns played out with just three instruments: Piano, Celesta, and flute. Here we have the 2008  three CD recording on Bridge Records  by the California E.A.R Unit.
Latest Reviews

The Melvins - Basses Loaded
Arriving just a few months after the years-delayed collaborative Mike + the Melvins album “Three Men and A Baby,” “Basses Loaded” sees the Melvins tossing ou...
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