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Obscura - Akroasis
There was a time in which technical death metal was my bread and butter, and though that time has been over for a good 5 years, and the genre's heydey as well, I have none-the-less continued to follow a number of quality bands, one of which being the German band Obscura.  Though named after the famously dissonant and unwelcoming album by Gorguts,  Obscura's music is deeply classically inspired and intricately harmonized, with strong chord structures that tend towards the mournfully tuneful, in a similar way to many Scandinavian and black metal bands.   'Progressive' arpeggiated sweeps and quick climbs up and down scalar shapes are also commonplace in their clearly theory-informed songs.
Joli - Sitting, Waiting, Crying Out
Here we have a C32 release from this searing & stark Spokane, Washington based wall noise project. On offer here are two side long slices of brutal, pummelling & nihilistic wall-craft
Imaginary Forces - Visitation
British electronic artist Imaginary Forces returns to Fang Bomb with a new 12", Visitation.  This dark, futuristic take on electronica may not get you up out of your seat to dance, but it'll definitely get your head nodding and your brain working.
Tiny Tim - The Complete Singles Collection 1966-1970
Here for the first time ever is the complete collection of singles from the height of  Tiny Tim’s career between 1966 & the early 1970’s. The CD release brings together twenty two tracks  from this original musical outsider,  with classic such as "Tip- Toe Thru The Tulips", and his district takes on known songs such as "What The World Needs Now Is Love", and "Great Balls Of Fire".
Sky - The Great Balloon Race
The Great Balloon Race was the seventh album from English/Australian instrumental prog rock/pop project Sky, and it originally appeared back in 1985 on Epic Records. Here we  have  a 2015 CD reissue from Esoteric Recordings, who have slowly but surely reissue all of the bands back catalogue, in often quite deluxe CD & DVD edition.
Mig Inc - Achwal
This tape (though I’m reviewing a digital version) is part of the ’Neon Wall’ series of cassettes, put out by Lurker Bias. Ten releases in all, bringing together a mix of new and old wall makers. Mig Inc is a new name to me, and the project gives us one long, thirty-two minute track of progressive wall-craft.
Albatrosh - Night Owl
Albatrosh is a piano & saxophone duo that plays extremely technical music which is somewhere between jazz and progressive rock.  I wasn't able to derive much enjoyment from their previous album "Yonkers", which struck me as sterile and overthought, but I've given them a fresh go for one of their 2 releases from 2014, an album titled "Night Owl".
Chier - Nature Morte
Nature Morte (english translation  Dead Nature) is a late 2015 release from this Toulouse based walled noise project.  It offers up a selection of four ‘walls’ with a suitable grim and barrenly battering feel to them.
Neighbor's Nightshade - To Heat The Flesh
Neighbor's Nightshade is one of the more recent  wall- noise projects of Gloversville, New York based noise-maker Ryen Barber(Hearse Fetish,Tomb of Trinkets & Lurid Hallway). To Heat The Flesh is  pro CDR release on  Russian based noise label Torga Amun- it features a single 40 minute track.
Latest Reviews

Obscura - Akroasis
There was a time in which technical death metal was my bread and butter, and though that time has been over for a good 5 years, and the genre's heydey as wel...
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