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Vagrant - IV
IV is the first physical release from Vagrant- the  new ‘static noise meets techno’ project from respected & high prolific French noise maker Julien Skrobek. The release comes in the form of a CDR, and offers up two eighteen minute tracks.
Renaldo and the Loaf - Arabic Yodelling
Here we have the 2015 double disc reissue of the 2nd album from British avant-pop meets wonky (off) world music two piece Renaldo and the Loaf. The album originally appeared  back in 1983, and it saw the band developing more of a sonically sophisticated & layered sound, which featured a wider sonic pallet, less awkward edger’s & more tuneful element's- yet didn’t lose the projects quirky sonic charm & distinctive feel.
Allseits - Chimäre
Allseits' (Nina Kernicke) follow-up to 2009's acclaimed Hel, Chimäre, has the artist building a glorious landscape of stacked drones and deep pulses which work to draw the listener into a lush, sonic world. Having worked in the past with the likes of Troum and Aun, it's no surprise that Allseits offers up such luxurious textures. Cyclic Law's release of Chimäre is limited, so don't hesitate on picking it up.
Band Ane - Amish Music Caravan
Band Ane is the pseudonym of Ane Ostergaard, a project which began in 2006 with her debut "Anish Music", and continues now with its 3rd LP, titled "Anish Music Caravan" in confusing similarity to her debut.
Nickolas Mohanna - Phase Line
Here’s a pro-cd, by Nickolas Mohanna, on Run/Off - both new names to me. The sombre, if colourful, artwork depicts a tangled thicket of scaffolding on the front cover; whilst, inside, some text tells us that the album collects work recorded for a ‘touring sound exhibition’. This work amounts to two long tracks, both around the seventeen minute mark.
Dead Body Collection - Remembrance Of Flesh, Memories Of Heaven
From April 2015  here we have a double C80 cassette box set that brings together a selection of out-of-print releases from this highly prolific Serbian walled noise project. The set compiles  together tracks from nine 3inch CDR releases, which appeared between the years 2010 & 2012 on various underground noise labels.
Morte Cammina - Blood Lust
Here Australians Morte Cammina returns with a recent CDR release. It offers up two twenty to thirty minute  examples of taut yet often texturally rewarding wall-craft with a murderous & blood soaked theme.
RRR - Flesh Control
Flesh Control is a forty minute slice of searing & raging walled noise from this French HNW/ Harsh noise project. The release comes in the form of a CDR, which appears on the French sleaze, violence & noise label Porn Noise Records.
Latest Reviews

Vagrant - IV
IV is the first physical release from Vagrant- the  new ‘static noise meets techno’ project from respected & high prolific French noise maker Julien...
100216   Vagrant - IV
100216   Renaldo and the Loaf - Arabic...
100216   Allseits - Chimäre
070216   Band Ane - Amish Music Caravan
050216   Nickolas Mohanna - Phase Line
030216   Dead Body Collection - Rememb...
030216   Morte Cammina - Blood Lust
030216   RRR - Flesh Control
020216   Driftmachine - Eis Heauton
310116   Ulver - ATGCLVLSSCAP
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Australian based Shaun Mack is the only  noise-maker I’m aware  of making walled noise down-under. He’s behind such projects as Morte Cammina, Girl...
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