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Rapoon - Seeds in the Tide Volume 03
Zoviet France veteran Robin Storey has been spent much of the last 20 years focused on a form of organic/primitivist tribal ambient with his Rapoon project, releasing countless albums.  This double CD, "Seeds in the Tide Volume 03", is subtitled 'Keepsakes and Oddities from 2003-2004', and contains songs previously available only on rare compilations.  I haven't heard the first 2 volumes in the series, although I'm familiar with many of Storey's albums, as Rapoon and otherwise.
Undergang - Døden Læger Alle Sår
Danish death merchants Undergang are back with their third release since 2010, Døden Læger Alle Sår, Dark Descent is has released Undergang's latest just in time for their European tour with Stargazer. Proving that old school, low, heavy death is always in season, Døden Læger Alle Sår punishes the listener slowly and deliberately. For fifty-one minutes, Undergang leads the journey through the lower reaches of grime and punishment.
Hiroshi Hasegawa & Vitaly Maklakov - Untitled
Ostroga imprint presents a new split cassette between Hiroshi Hasegawa & Vitaly Maklakov. Japanoise heavyweight, Hiroshi Hasegawa, needs no introduction. A legendary statesman of the noise aesthetic, Hasegawa has been melting faces for decades in such outfits as C.C.C.C. and Astro. Vitaly Maklakov hails from Russia and is perhaps better known playing under the moniker, Light Collapse. I just recently became acquainted with his non Light Collapse material and was pleasantly surprised by his free form noise sprawl.
Merzbow - Mezmorohosis (boxset)
Mezmorohosis is a ten CD box set that offers up a selection of unreleased material from one of the prime & celebrated periods in Merzbow’s length & highly prolific career.  The set focuses in on the years 1995 to 1997, and this is the period of time that we saw such classic & noise genre defining releases such as Pulse Demon, Space Metalizer, and  Green Wheels .
Profezia - Black Misanthropic Elite – Moon Anthem
Profezia’s latest album Oracolo suicida didn’t leave a favorable impression on me. The inclusion of violins seemed forced, not adding anything to the sound and feeling awkward. On their debut full-length Black Misanthropic Elite – Moon Anthem, Profezia’s use of violins is confined to just the final two tracks, but the album isn’t much better off without it.
Torturing Girl - Torturing Girl
Here is another vinyl album from the Urashima label, presented in its customary, house style: silver ink, sparsely printed on black sleeves. As the name suggests, Torturing Girl is a collaboration between Alo Girl (the project belonging to the owner of Urashima) and Torturing Nurse; with the briefest of information on the album, suggesting that its a collaboration over distance (Milan and Shanghai). The album also comes with a small, smartly printed booklet; reprinting an old photo-story from a pornographic magazine. The album has two long tracks, each a side of vinyl and both untitled.
Version - Version
Version is a new project that brings together two of Europe's most progressive & creative artists from with in the walled noise/ static noise genre. It brings together uk  based Clive Henry, who has been creating rewarding & original HNW/ANW since 2010. And highly prolific & multi project linked French wall noise maker Julien Skrobek (The Killer Came From The Bronx ,Ghost, The Sandman Wears A Mask, Ruine, Butch Bag, Gasp, Ruine, etc).  Like the other releases on this label this self titled release tries to take static noise/ walled noise to somewhere new/ different- the focus of this release/ project( ?) is to try & create a dub version of walled noise utilizing a standard HNW set-up.
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Zoviet France veteran Robin Storey has been spent much of the last 20 years focused on a form of organic/primitivist tribal ambient with his Rapoon project, ...
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