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Gorguts - Pleiades Dust
Gorguts' new release, the first since the well received re-union album "Colored Sands" in 2013, is an EP with one lengthy, epic song on it, in the tradition of Meshuggah's "I".  "Pleiades' Dust" is even longer than "I", at 33 minutes, and is easily as densely composed and intricate as any other Gorguts material.
Flesh Coffin - Black Lakes
This tape from the reliable Flesh Coffin, comes simply and starkly presented by the Imperial.Noir label: an all black inlay, with xerox-esque falterings into grey and white, and the barest of album/recording details. The tape has two tracks, one on each side, both just short of the 20-minute mark. The material itself is actually quite old, recorded in the winter of 2010-2011.
Sharron Kraus - Hen Llan Recordings
Hen Llan Recordings is the latest release from respected  British folk singer/songwriter Sharron Kraus- it’s a Ep, both in physical CDR form on Reverb Worship, and digital download from Sharron’s bandcamp
Ogrob / Vomir - Diffusions Intradermiques Et Enregistrements En Ca
Now here’s a collaborative release that has one of the more unusual & slightly queasy concept I’ve come across. The four tracks here are all a blend of  field recordings taken from inside a four separate women, and (mainly subtle) static noise texturing/ pared back walled noise.
Chrome - Alien Soundtracks I & II
Here’s a 2014 CD reissue of Chrome’s second album from 1977 Alien Soundtracks, plus its sequel album Alien Soundtracks II from 1988. The project were a San Francisco collective whose Sci-fi themed  & often muddled blend of chaotic ‘n’ chugging punk riffing, space-rock, synths, electro beats, and sonic flotsam & jetsam was both very distinctive &  a big influential on industrial rock.
Ghost - Building The Night
Ghost is one of the projects of highly prolific & respected French wall-maker Julien Skrobek. Here we have a 3inch CDR release from late 2015-which is the first release from this project in a few years.
Common Eider, King Eider - Extinction
San Francisco based doom/drone collective, Common Eider, King Eider, makes their Cold Spring debut with the beautifully haunting Extinction. Industrial tinged, reverb laden drones work together to create a four song, 40+ minute set of eerie, subterranean, ceremonial magic that will transport the listener in time and space. Beautiful and creepy, Extinction is a wonderful new release from Cold Spring.
Latest Reviews

Gorguts - Pleiades Dust
Gorguts' new release, the first since the well received re-union album "Colored Sands" in 2013, is an EP with one lengthy, epic song on it, in the tradition ...
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